I have a confession to make. I have been taking an online writing class on essays. It turns out that I suck at them. To say nothing of the fact that it has drained the half of the wits I had left after the move. I only have one assignment to go. Surrounded by boxes for the third time in a year, there was nothing creative to say about them. But they will be whittled down in time for my father’s impending (!) visit and a birthday lunch on the 10th for Ai Lin. Last week I bought orchids galore to assuage my homesickness for Brazil; they are glorious in the cachepots I bought with Maria. GLORIOUS. Bible study, outings with the Things, trips to the doctor, picture hanging, travel planning, all these things have occupied my time. Three steps forward, one step back. Be patient, my pets, and thanks for checking in.



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6 responses to “Confession

  1. maria

    I´m sure your cachepots looks great my friend and flowers is the best way to feel at home….
    Can you find french movies in China?
    For the last 2 weeks I ´ve been in a french fever;reading about provence,champagne and trying to improve french while I see some dvd.
    I saw “Mon meilleur ami” yesterday and remembered you… I think you would enjoy the story and that would be a good article for your blog or writting class.What is friendship ?How you make new friends….and how you keep the old ones?Modern life provide us time for friendship?….
    Remember that it is a french movie so there is more talking than action but for me it is wonderful…
    another options still in Sarkozy mood:
    -“Paris je T´aime” …20 directors;20 different visions about Paris …pay attention to Walter Salles,the brazilian one…..
    -“La veuve de Saint Pierre”(Saint Pierre´s widow)
    Juliette Binoche is always perfect…

  2. Mood Ring Momma

    Not sure who is grading your essays and led you to believe that you suck at them; your blog posts prove otherwise. Miss you. xoxoxo mcs

  3. Tom

    The problem you’re having is the word ESSAY. It is conjuring up your misspent youth in school and stifling those creative synapses.

    Regarding orchids, you are correct. My Catlyas are blooming now and the whole yard is fragrant. I love the fact I can grow them outdoors here.

  4. Winnie

    re: your writing …

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

  5. Maria: Loved your French movie touts! Hung 25 plates on the wall yesterday – will post photo for all to see. Supremely happy, they made me!

    MRM, Tom, & Winnie: I am like a naughty student, not following the rules! It is like being in school but I really do enjoy the class! It will make for a better blog. Maybe. Thanks for your votes of confidence!

  6. Flaky Friend

    Hey there,

    It’s good you are done wrestling with a bad house and have time to start really looking at your new world. When you have a chance, please e-mail me your new address.


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