Fruit on Head


All roads lead, eventually, to that Brazilian icon Carmen Miranda. At least in party games. Yesterday, we hosted our first social gathering without boxes in the living room. Princess Ai Lin slow cooked pulled pork for sandwiches (YUM!) , I made cole slaw, and the other visitors brought dessert and snacks. Countless beers were consumed which made the party game Celebrities, a Klab special, even more fun. The kids played outside almost the entire time – bonus!

Here’s how you play:

1) Everyone write down the names of 5 celebrities and put in a bowl – go wild with names if children out of earshot
2) Shake bowl
3) Divide into 2 teams

It’s all down hill from here. A player from the first team selects a name. They have to, using words but not proper names, describe the celebrity so that their teammates guess the name in a jiff.

Example: Gandhi

The contestant could use the following to describe the man: Indian, wears saris and small spectacles, man of peace, etc.

In round two, only one word can be used to describe the celebrity, such as “peace” for the above example.

In the final round, the contestant must act out the celebrity, not saying a peep.

Hints: Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears are too easy. Christian Bale is hard, unless you are familiar with all of his movies and farming equipment. Kenny Morrow is well, one celebrity I’d never heard of. You get the picture. The red carpet may be but a dream but on a Sunday afternoon even you can hold an Oscar (Meyer) in your hand and play to the masses. Just think how much fun you’ll have with Daniel Day-Lewis!!



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7 responses to “Fruit on Head

  1. gamamãe

    Hurray for Carmen! Sounds like a fun afternoon. Yesterday at KDs house I met a spanish couple and their 2 children , who just moved here from Shanghai. They lived in an apt. and were the only non-asian foreign family in the building. Both kids were born in China but are not elegible for a chinese passport. It got easier to meet people after the kids came along. She shared her frustrations about having scheduling meetings with her husband about who could take THE bank card on any given day. They were very impressed with your headway- so quickly – in getting an oven rack as well as a new home!! Could you write a bit again about that special place ones mind goes to when faced with sorting, packing and distribution of home items? What were the chemical assistants??

  2. Mood Ring Momma

    Definitely sounds like a fun Oscar party! Due to the writers’ strike, the Oscars here were blessedly shortened to three hours (although of course they ran long). Nicole Kidman did not disappoint in the couture dept. – I think the oozes class and elegance. I was bummed Juno didn’t win for best picture. There’s my recap.

  3. Klab


  4. maria

    I wonder who would describe Sharon Stone with no words……easy if you have nice legs …..but maybe this is not a “family game” for some celebrities…..

  5. Girls,

    Kudos to Maria for thinking up Sharon Stone!

    Gamamae, get thee to a shrink for psychotropic (no pun intended) help. It will not show on your US insurance and you can stock up to take you through your move. Purchase all antibiotics and other pharmaceutical necessities – so wishing I had right now!

    MRM: Loved Nic too!

    Klab: Are you coming for the 4th? Ai Lin won’t be on Lopez! Should we rent the grange?

  6. Tom

    Why don’t people dress like Carmen Miranda ? Is it the fruit flies?

  7. Tom: I think people save it for the bedroom and we just don’t know about it.

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