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So sorry for my absence. No excuses. You might be thinking that since I lived in an odor free abode, I no longer have anything interesting to write about. You might be right. I have been fixing my house, writing for an online writing course, dining out, planning a trip to Beijing , blogeddy blog blog blog.

On Valentine’s Day, my love gave me red roses wrapped in lavender burlap tulle and installed Norton Antivirus on my computer. I spent the day in the lovely Pudong apartment of an expat of the upper echelon who was selling pearls for the charity she supports, Room to Read. Apparently Katie Couric wears some of these lustrous oyster babies. Mrs.BigShot was kind enough to let me horn in on the activities by selling teddy bears for Heart2Heart Shanghai, a charity that raises money for heart operations for Chinese children. I sold nearly $500 dollars worth of bears chatting up women, boats gliding up and down the river twenty-nine stories below, naughtily popping Belgian chocolates into my mouth.

It would be easy to call the hostess an Expat Diva but Mrs. BigShot’s not. She just has very good taste, good manners, and lots of connections. She is a down-to-earth, lovely person. There were, however, Divas aplenty. One woman reportedly sends her fine clothing to her mother in San Francisco for laundering/dry cleaning. Pas moi. Although, I have already had one new sweater ruined here so she might be on to something.

Our annual Valentine is late. Actually, I have not even started it. Maybe by St. Patrick’s Day?



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2 responses to “Back to the Blog

  1. gamamãe

    Glad you are back with news of your life. Not surprised in the least you have been busy helping others. What makes the katie pearls so special ? Are they as shiny and bright as coisa couric´s teeth?Who has the connection to Belgian chocolates and can you get some for your amigas??
    I´m in denial about rawhide phase( pack ém up, move ém out)I will be soon entering and could use a fix!Socorro Dona Meire Cat!!!!

  2. Flaky Friend

    Sounds like things are going well – I want to hear more about your new house and how you found it.
    Did you get some of the pearls, I hope:)

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