New House, New Year

The Kitchen God came through, even as it is snowing. Packers are boxing up Stinky Glama Villa. I have the key to the Jewel Box, our new house’s name, in my hot little hand. Princess Ai Lin has already visited, even though the house was empty. Thing 3, home from school after a trip to our favorite medical clinic for bruised ribs, and I prayed outside the front door before we entered, a Year of the Rat lucky knot decoration held in our hands. It has been a busy day.

At swimming lessons on Wednesday I told an Aussie mother about our change of address. Her response, “Well, maybe it’s fate.” Coming on the heels of my Amy Tan urban wisdom epiphany, this seemed prophetic.

I can’t say I am sorry to be leaving this house. Glama Villas can have their “exclusive” manse back. (I will gladly throw in an oven rack). It has already taken up too much time and cyber-ink. This Princess will be back in the New Year with more than cheese (or rice, for the Chinese mice) to chew on.



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9 responses to “New House, New Year

  1. Flaky Friend

    Good for you! I am so glad you left that stinky house behind. E-mail new address when you get a chance

  2. gamamãe

    Parabens to you and princess familia! It´s segunda de Carnaval here, I think you and Mr. U need to don your costumes from last year and pass some positive vibrações around the jewel box! Great name. Mine is called
    ” cost-a-lot”.

  3. Mood Ring Momma

    Congratulations! I’m so excited my 40th won’t include sleeping quarters in sewage stench!

  4. maria

    Parabéns……agora voce” Mostrou o Prenambuco”!
    boa sorte na nova casa.
    mande o novo endereço se quer continuar sendo minha amiga…

  5. maria

    Pernambuco ….. sorry!

  6. Tom

    “The Jewelbox”? You’re putting a lot of pressure on this house from the getgo. I hope that it is a pearl of rare price for you and that it’s interior is olfactorilly sublime.

  7. bananajo

    oh mi god. all i can say is the old house must’ve been really bad to be bothered to do another move – i guess mould (Eng. spelling) will do it. don’t know about the bad smell, but i can smell the packing boxes from here – aagghhh. good luck!

  8. gamamãe

    are you out of the boxes yet? Will you send photos soon of your new peice of heaven on earth?Estou curiosa! Logo log- eu vou mostrar o pernambuco!

  9. expat princess

    Dear Friends of the Princess:

    My blogmistress is out of town so my latest post will be delayed just a bit. Herewith, my individual responses:

    FF: new address on way … soon.

    Gamamae: love Costa Lot! I could not bear to watch Carnaval. See below. Will send you link to casa.

    MRM: you get the guest sweet, perfumed with potpourri.

    Maria: Pernambuco, com certeza! Last year seems like a decade ago; another hemisphere, another continent, so far away. Put the memories sustained me through this move – because I have a contract and I AM COMING BACK.

    Random Tom: in fact, my expectations are pretty low. Live and learn! Having high expectations of people and places, however, is one of my most unpleasant character traits. God will probably be waiting for me with a sign that says, “Welcome to Purgatory. Your expectations were too high.”

    The name refers, albeit subtly, to the development.

    Bananajo: New/old, mold/mould – I called the whole thing off.

    Love to all!

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