This is Not a Club

Before I take you back to Hong Kong , readers, I want to write a little about something a dear friend recently wrote me in an email. She said that she enjoyed reading the blog but was not ready to comment quite yet, that it felt like a club. It was an interesting point. I have, and will continue to, encourage Anonymous to comment because, as an expat princess herself she has a bazillion funny stories, memories, and insights to share. Make no mistake, the last thing I want is my blog to become a club!

I mentioned the club issue in a phone call to KT today. I do not think I had spoken to her in since she had moved to Hooterville. Part of my goal for 2008 is friendship maintenance (eventually I will get to you). It was a long conversation. Vis a vis the club issue, KT said she was surprised to see that Toucan Tom, a friend of ours from Brazil , commented on the blog. I said to her that reader Tom was, in fact, not Toucan Tom, a fact only I would know because I can see his IP address. That, I said, was Random Tom; I do not know him personally but love that he comments on my blog. I do not even know how he found my blog but I value his comments. I have no idea where Random Tom lives.

Random Tom, if you are out there, please write in and change your nickname if you so choose. Random Tom, likewise, can choose to remain Just Tom. (Yes, I know there needs to be a glossary of names, but this is an issue for the future.)

Having a blog is a little like having a pet. One has to feed and water it for the blog not to die, let alone grow. Lately, I have been undisciplined (like that is news). Sometimes I send off posts in a rush to MCV to publish for me and belatedly see my typos and grammatical errors. Or, even worse, I later see that I have not transitioned my thoughts well and have not properly articulated myself. Not being able to edit my own blog makes this especially mortifying. My readers have been very forgiving.

Even then, only ten percent of my best friends in the whole wide world even read the blog and thusly are not privy to the Stinky Glama Villa saga, my impending nervous breakdown, or the joys of a spa date foot massage. The people who primarily comment are my family, amigas do Brasil, or my sisters’ friends. Few, if any, comment from my Mexican expat past (que lastima! so many good stories!) and there is only one commenter from China (so far). Mr. Understanding himself is a sporadic, infrequent chimer-inner.

So, if you are one of those who is a non-commenter, do not be afraid! There is no time zone difference to worry about, no one can see your picture, and you can make up your own nickname (or not). You are always welcome to come to this party, even if you disagree with me or think I am a self-absorbed buffoon (refer to title of said blog). Consider this your formal invitation.



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11 responses to “This is Not a Club

  1. SarahP

    Anyone who knows you knows you are not a self-absorbed buffoon. You and your blog have made many laugh and I feel the title of the blog is fitting b/c who else but a princess can help other expatters (is this a word?) get through their day. Miss you and hope we can get together some time in the futute since we are in Manila now.

  2. Laura

    Huff, huff, Expat! I have tried to keep up the Latin American end of the bargain, and I think I qualify as a co-expat from our Mexico days…..seeing as how we both birthed baby boys the same afternoon at the exact same coordinates on the planet oh, about 11.4 years ago now, give or take an ABC hospital suite or two.

  3. Tom

    I am writing to you from Palm Beach, Florida and I read your blog and bunches of other expat writers. My main reason for doing this is the quest for knowledge. I hope to retire one day and perhaps live in or travel to other parts of our grubby little world. Your very humorous reporting on the world around you helps me to understand how I might feel if I was in your shoes.

    Keep up the good work because we’re out here peering through the snap and hiss of electric digitized transmission.

    Random Tom

  4. expat princess

    SarahP: Is your middle name Jessica? How many maids do you already have lined up in Manila? Are you living in hotel hell? Inquiring minds want to know.

    La Lopez: I stand corrected. You have morphed into a Chilena in my mind but that’s no excuse. I owe you an email. We have missed you OTB (on the blog) but know you have a crazy full plate.

    Random Tom: Thank you so much for writing in! You are going to heaven for sure. Palm Beach? I’ll bet there are no noxious sewage issues there. Except maybe after a hurricane. QUEST AWAY!!!

  5. Mood Ring Momma

    Random Tom – You’re DEFINITELY in the club! I am fascinated by my sister’s expat life too, and beyond that, I think she’s quite funny. Her daily experiences are a far cry from mine in suburban Seattle, and I love visiting her in whatever corner of the world she is living in. Next year for my 40th birthday it’s Shanghai or bust!

  6. La Lopez

    All is forgiven, Expat. Me wait for e-mail.

  7. Flaky Friend

    Take it from me, the princess forgives bitchy comments, so comment away. Loved the post.

  8. Princess Ai Lin

    LOL Flaky Friend!

    Perhaps the term “club” refers to the number of witty commenters to this well written blog. Sometimes I’d like to comment, but just don’t feel up to maintaining the relatively high standard of writing found here. Like my poorly written comment today that I’m going to post anyway as I have to jump in the shower before being a shoulder to cry on for a expat princess-in-training who is clearly NOT looking forward to her pending move….TTFN

  9. MCV

    Princess Ai Lin, who is the expat princess in training? Do tell! Is she on the verge of buying a Hummer to make her feel better?

  10. SarahP

    No, the middle name isn’t Jessica. I do have my maids and driver already eventhough we are still in the hotel. Shipment leave Brazil on the 23rd, or so they tell me. Animals leave Saturday!!! This move has been easier so far b/c everyone speaks english. Keep up the wonderful writing. I absolutely love it.

  11. bananajo

    Am I the only thick one out there, or is it not clear how to leave a comment? It says ‘leave a reply’. Am I in the right section?? I tried to phone for instructions, but no reply. Anyway, I do read your blog from time to time. I admit I am not a regular but when I do visit, I hang about for a while and enjoy it. Do not post often (understatement) but mainly because I am unable to do a short post and don’t want to bore you. However, after today I am concerned about your potenial nervous breakdown – I am in the same place so know you are not actually joking – so posting this to let you know I care & sympathise! Also looking for NBF here in Paris but aware I may be coming over as a bit desperate with anyone who shows a glimmer of potential, so keep having to remind myself to be cooler. You must immediately buy a cattle prod for the driver, and use it ruthlessly. Glad you had fun in Hong Kong. Did you actually buy anything? Because, remember, YOU DESERVE IT! By the way, I think you should change your name to Mrs Understanding…

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