Sayonara V2

So sorry no write. After my kids returned to school I spent an entire week alternately taking down Christmas decorations and goofing off, going out to lunch in my quest to find a new best friend. I also had a hideous headache for three days, no doubt due to the mega pollution obscuring the city and clouding my thoughts.

It occurred to me that the phrase “long time no see” was in fact spoken by a Chinese person. I overheard a Chinese person say this in our hotel lobby and had this mini epiphany. When trying to speak to our driver, Voldemort2, I sometimes cut out the “ings” and verb tenses in an effort to communicate more clearly.

Here is an example of the conversation I am going to have with V2 in the very near future:

Me: I’m going to fire you because you were sleeping while you were driving.

V2: Wha?

Me: I go fire you. You sleep drive car. Bu hao.

V2: You fire me? I drive car sleepy?

Me: Yes!

V2: Me no work tomorrow? No come back?

Me: That’s correct.

V2: Hmmmm …..

Me: Bye bye.

I thought I had noticed this tendency once before. Today two women sitting in the back of my car confirmed it and then I witnessed it myself as V2 was ascending the curlicue ramp of the Nanpu Bridge . By now I was seated in the back as well and so I jabbed him in the shoulder to wake him up. Going over the side of the bridge would be so very bu hao.

V2 later explained that his wife had kept him up all night because she not happy and talk talk talk. Yeah, yeah, blame the wife. I don’t think so.


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  1. Mood Ring Momma

    Me laugh very hard.

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