Doctor Love

Do you remember that skull crushing headache I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, after 3 weeks of it not diminishing, I thought I should go back to my favorite doc-in-the-box and see Dr. Wok. He seemed reasonable, was efficient, and had scaled all or part of Mt. Kilimanjaro so he could not be much of a slouch. Since I was not vomiting or blacking out, I figured I did not have a brain tumor, just a mean tension headache. A foolish gym class involving weights might also have contributed to the stabbing pain in the occipital lobe, obliterating civility and rationale.

Alas, Dr. Wok was on vacation. The nerve! So I had to settle for Dr. Cha Ching, a female Chinese doctor educated in the US . I explained my problem. She listened empathetically as I related the possible causes: foolish workout, stinky house stress, holiday fervor. Dr. Ching, it turns out, lives in my neighborhood and knows all about skanky developers.

Let me back up a bit. I loved her from the start because she did not make me get on a scale to be weighed. This might have been my best gift to date. My admiration for her only grew as she prescribed an injection for immediate relief, a daytime painkiller, and Valium. We could have chatted for hours – maybe she will be my NBF?

As I sat down to wait for the prescription to be filled, it occurred to me that Africa, Australia , and the Antarctic are the only continents in which I have not been injected in the rear. When my name was called, I was only too happy to handover my credit card. Valium, it turns out, is super cheap in China ! Will miracles never cease!

“Merry Christmas!” the Chinese pharmacist said to me as he handed me my bag of goodies. Indeed. The Christmas spirit is, in fact, alive and well in China . Now that’s what I’m talking about!



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9 responses to “Doctor Love

  1. Flaky Friend

    You are so cute – I have to say getting painkilling drugs is one of my favorite things as well. I am glad you have a doctor you like; I have actually refused to get weighed because I hate it so much and the doctor’s scales always weigh heavy.

    Take care

  2. 425Heidi

    I wish doctors were that nice here. I asked for a presciption of Xanax for flight anxiety, and my doctor looked at me like I was a drug addict. Give me a break! I hope you find relief for your headache. Merry Christmas!

  3. Let me know when our friend arrives. I think she will be just your cure.

  4. moodringmama

    See – it all balances out. Cheap valium in exchange for pricey nebulizer. And the valium is more valuable I would bet. I think you should pursue friendship with Dr. Cha Ching – didn’t make you get weighed, lives in your neighborhood & you could talk for hours??? If she is your NBF, maybe she’ll be mine when 425Heidi moves to shoe-ier pastures.

  5. gamamãe

    Hey Fofa! It Turns out Dr. Maria and I go to the same place to get our escovas done. And be it that it is christmas eve and we both have ceias to attend( me at swanKy casa 24 in her condo)- we bumped into each other today. Of course talk quickly turns to reports of info,communication or contact with you. Thought you´d like to know there are two friends here, missing you MUITO!

  6. Dotty Hordubay

    Loved reading some of this site and look forward to more. You should publish…………….

  7. expat princess

    Dr. Love update: I actually had to return to Dr. Wok for a shot of cortisone in the shoulder blade on Boxing Day. Dr. Cha Ching was on vacation. Dr. Wok actually summited Mt. Everest. I asked him if it was worth it, having previously seen a grim Discovery Channel segment on the subject. “No,” was his answer. The ten minutes at the top of the world were not worth it, he recounted, as he almost died on the way back down in a storm. His wife has prohibited future climbs. I think he is relieved.

  8. expat princess

    Thank you, Dotty! Loved seeing your granddaughter’s Locks of Love photo – will send you ours this summer.

  9. gamamãe

    so if dr. cha ching is on vacation , its a sign dr. wok is your official doc. Should you bump into dr. cha ching- you can strike up a conversation as a possible BFF without the doctor/patient thingie popping up- right? Am I too optimistic? Naive?

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