Dirty Linen & The Eco Housewife: Random Thoughts

Intrigued? Do you think I am going to actually air my dirty linen for the world to see? Why, yes! Of course! But first on to Neil Diamond’s. I see on MSN he revealed that Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for his song “Sweet Caroline.” Maybe I have been out of the country too long but I did not know this was supposed to be a big secret, like the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains or the identity of Deep Throat. Was I supposed to be in suspense for the last 40 years? Although I fondly remember grooving to Neil’s L.P. “Hot August Nights” with my parents and can still envision his white jumpsuit and long hair on the album cover, I am far more interested in knowing who inspired “Cracklin’ Rosie”.

Back to my laundry. Yesterday, thinking green, I sent my sheets out to be washed and ironed. My neighbor had had this done when she was maidless. My ayi is currently overwhelmed so I thought for $20 I would take this duty right off her plate and she could spend her time in other endeavors, like serving me martinis and chocolate truffles. The real reason, though, is not so glamorous. It takes an entire day to wash and dry the family’s sheets, not to mention an obscene amount of electricity. Industrial machines are better equipped to handle the multiple loads. What with the pollution*, sleeping in sooty sheets has no appeal so I am using the drier. I know, I know. Bu hao. Am thinking there has to be a place to send out my pots and pans for washing though.

Also on my agenda is a new weight loss plan: the removal of nail polish on my piggies for the winter. They have not been unvarnished for longer than 30 minutes for well nigh 6 years and it’s high time. Halloween candy is still squirreled away, taunting and tempting me when the workers have been in my house one too many times in a day. The devil lives in a bag of Almond Joy, Butterfingers, and Starburst.

Maria The Dentist sent me the link to Mangueira’s site for Carnaval in Rio . The costumes for the wing of our school, Depois Eu Digo, are already sold out. I like to think it is so hot because of this blog. I cannot listen to 2007’s samba en redo at the gym any more because I start sobbing. Sou Mangueira!

And last, but not least, my sister MCV had a major star sighting last week. McSteamy and McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy were both in the same bar in Seattle and McS brushed past her (touching!) on the way out. Before you too get the vapors, grab yourself a slice of leftover pie and dream a little dream of steam.

NB: written Monday after Thanksgiving.



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4 responses to “Dirty Linen & The Eco Housewife: Random Thoughts

  1. maria

    Tell Mr. U that no matter if we are spanish dancers or in Burkas and arabian costumes I keep our contract in a safe place….waiting for ANIMAR.

  2. expat princess

    Maria: hard to repeat perfection – but we can try!!!!

  3. 425Heidi

    What is this about MCV?! No wonder she turned down my invitation to join us for my church’s Christmas concert with special guest Grant Goodeve! How can you top the stars of Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, I bet MCV blocked McSteamy’s way in the bar so she could have a good story to tell. Just like that story she keeps spreading about attending the American Idol finale…

  4. Thing 1

    I smell a Caveizel (sp?)!!
    Shouldn’t they be at the picket fence with the writers or something? Too McGood to be true.

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