Merrily We Roll Along

While all of you in America were sleeping off your turkey tryptophane induced eating haze, the expats prepared for a Saturday Thanksgiving and waited for Mr. Understanding’s return from Guanzhou by playing cut-throat Uno on Friday night. The Brazilian neighbor child brought his Ipod and we listened to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, which I do not have on my own, having had my fill of classic rock in high school and college. Or so I thought. I confess to a little nostalgia. I could have used a little Lynard Skynard but that seemed rude to say that to my musical guest who, after all, was spinning the best tunes in Glama Villas. Antonio says he gets his rock taste from his mother; his father likes that Garfunkel guy.

After a quick trip to the gym Saturday morning, Thing 1 helped make pumpkin pie and set the table. Moving dust required that every dish, crystal glass, and dessert fork be washed before use. The guests arrived late but the turkey arrived on time. We will be repeating this meal on December 25. THE ST. REGIS ROCKS. The bread was delivered in a box nicer than most of my Christmas gift wrapping, the turkey was moist, and the potatoes were creamy and while it was not cheap, it was delivered hot and to my front door by a cute waiter in a maroon jacket with epaulets.

Since our Thanksgiving guests were little more than acquaintances, we had no idea if dinner table conversation would be scintillating or not. Mr. Gol Lee and his wife Hol Lee exceeded my expectations. We see them at soccer and school events and chitchat but had not really gotten to know them. Mr. Gol Lee was born in Shanghai and is a naturalized US citizen. His wife is ABC (American Born Chinese) from the Bay Area. One the way to dinner he said he noted the full moon and realized it was probably his birthday, his lunar birthday. Thing 1 got on the internet to verify this. Mr. Lee says he always misses his mother’s lunar birthday, which is the only one she recognizes, because it can fluctuate so greatly. He does not remember her solar birthday either. Their two children, Jol Lee and Fol Lee, were impeccably behaved and ate my green salad. Not a “yuck” was heard at the table. Our neighbors, Bubba and Donna and their teenage daughter Leaf, having been through a crisis or two lately, were, unexpectedly, every bit as jovial, staying until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Donna’s leftover desserts were consumed for breakfast. Bliss. I think we all needed a party.

Sunday afternoon Mr. Understanding and Thing 2 helped clean the kitchen, washing dishes and picking up the mess. Mr. Understanding booted up Peter, Paul and Mary on the Ipod. For the second time during the weekend I knew all the lyrics to all the songs. Although Mr. U and I grew up on opposite sides of the US, our parents share similar musical tastes and these songs were the background music to two happy childhoods. I got weepy on “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” as Mr. U was leaving the next day for Singapore. This is perhaps the theme song of our marriage (without the cheating part). Our marriage might not be a Stairway to Heaven but it’s better than a Highway to Hell or Another Brick in the Wall. What’s your marital theme song, readers?



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10 responses to “Merrily We Roll Along

  1. moodringmama

    Marital theme song —- How about Dirty Laundry?

  2. Flaky Friend

    It sounds like some party! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because all we are expected to do is eat, drink (copiously) and visit. What kind of wine can you get in the PRC?

  3. Winnie

    I think it’s, “The old grey mare – she ain’t what she used to be”

  4. Laura

    Sounds like loads of fun, Expat. Love the names of your guests. Leaf, huh? That´s a new one, although one of the journalist/translators here is called Lake, which I thought was pretty inventive until I realized she is Canadian, which explains a lot.

    On the marital theme songs, our song is actually “Just the Way You Are”, but, umm, I don´t want to go there, partly because I am in the middle of a Deputy Secretary General visit, haven´t had a day off in a couple of weeks, have been working from before 8 a.m. to ´bout midnight for several days straight, and, well the real reason is that after 29 years, some dogs are better left lying just where they are, you know, just the way they are.

  5. expat princess

    MRM: that is my next post – no joke!!!!!

    Radish: it is coursing through my veins, probably clogging just a tad.

    FF: Um, I went to a Quaffers Club dinner and, under the influence, bought a case or two of Chilean and French vino. I am afraid to tell La Lopez what I paid for the Chilean stuff but it is probably bathwater in her country. Foolishly I thought that because I suffered no consequences from the first outing that I would not pay a price Sunday morning. Ouch. But worth it!!!

    Winnie: you are TOO funny!!!!!!! You’re not much of a nag, if I do say so myself.

    La Lopez: Those were not their real names – but almost. There was an American teacher at our last school called Lark Meadow. Maybe your work theme song could be “Fly Me to the Moon”?

  6. MCV

    Expat: I think Radish’s comment on the butter was actually in reference to her marital theme song “Where’s the Butter?” Although I think if there is such a song, “Where’s the Tongs?” is better.

  7. expat princess

    LVB: does that stand for LoVerBoy? Great theme song!

  8. maria

    La vie en rose… know we both love France.

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