Red Handed

Exciting times here at Glama Villas. I am just back from watching the security tape of the theft on Friday evening of Thing 2’s cell phone by a Glama Villas employee. This morning the police were in front of my next door neighbor’s which was burgled in the wee hours of the morning while the family slept. That makes thefts at two of the adjoining properties since we’ve arrived. A jaded, cynical person might conclude that we are next. Good thing we have Barbara Bush, our attack poodle on guard.

I think I can stand to move again. I hear security is fantastic at the government run luxury compound. In the meantime, I’ll be sleeping with a big serrated kitchen knife under my pillow.



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12 responses to “Red Handed

  1. Thing Yi

    Well, I can’t say I would be totally opposed to moving as my bathroom reeks of raw sewage. I guess I’ve heard the news through the grapevine, eh?

  2. Hum… Possibly a safety deposit box? Maybe it is not too soon to give the kids bazookas? I liked Latina third world mo betta.

  3. moodringmama

    I liked South America better too; moving sounds like a good idea, whether to a different house or a different country!

  4. moodringmama

    P.S. – Did they arrest the GV’s employee for stealing Thing 2’s cell phone?

  5. MRM: No arrests made, but termination was scheduled to occur.

    Radish: the firing range is opening up a new after school activity program entitled, “My Trigger, My Finger”. Great preparation for our next move to the Congo or the Middle East. I realize I was remiss in not signing the children up in Latin America, however, but think the classes were held only in inaccessable locations within favelas.

    Readers: Mr. Understanding has been a star and has his team working on this issue. He may be getting a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas which we will name Schwartzenegger.

  6. Laura

    I´d sleep with Halloween masks under the pillows, and scare the bejesus out of those little buggers if they tried anything funny. In fact, why not put a Bush mask on Barbara and see what fun ensues. They might give you house a skip just because they think you´re all too scary to rip off.

  7. Tom

    I’m amazed that in a totalitarian country like China, where Human life and Human rights are not valued, that people would risk certain death to steal a cell phone or other personal possesions.

    Has the government gone soft on crime or just crimes against foreigners? It would seem that if you were recorded on film stealing that the government would make you dissapear.

  8. Winnie

    How ’bout a move back to the good ol’ U S of A! I hear there’s this nice little house in Florida with your name on it….(no one steals cell phones here – they barely know how to use them.)

  9. Tom: alas, the police do not come for just the theft of a cell phone. Thieves need to aim for a higher dollar figure to be worthy of investigation. That is why I pursued the issue myself – at least the creep was fired. Apparently, there is a ring of thieves in hitting all the compounds. If caught, I think they will in fact be sent away for a long time. And I think they will be caught because now they are getting greedy.

    Barbara B has been barking all day because they have stationed a new guard in front of our house. Squeaky wheel gets the greasy, unarmed guard!

  10. Susan O'Leary

    I am shocked. I thought KT told us there was no crime. After family my biggest concerns are for your “souveneirs”, from Brazil. I think Mamie is up to the task at hand!!!! I think you are in line for more souvenirs from Brazil miss expat princess for time in the trenches. Spelling on sovenir is off. sorry.

  11. expat princess

    SOL and readers: again, can only post comments. I will be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, I am shopping, eating, practicing karate, sulking, and in a generally foul mood.

    Happy Belated Bday to Leezer (, authoress, legal lioness, and my cyber twin!

  12. KT

    I have some catching up to do. When we were in China , I never heard of a single case of theft in their homes. I had my wallet stolen in a crowd, but all of personal papers were returned (via the post office). Granted, we didn’t live in the “big” city, but Qingdao wasn’t just a village either. I guess you must be living in the new and improved China. I am sure of one thing though. All of the foreigners will be left alone at the Olympics. The Gov’t will not tolerate any negative perception of their country during that time…image is everything…heads will roll!

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