Metro Stop


Dear Readers:

I’m feeling just a tad blogged down, it has been such a busy week. On Thursday I went to the Metro store after a Glama Villas neighborhood coffee. There are 150 families in my new phase of the development and about 150 new ones will occupy the newest phase in the Spring. Before us, there were two other phases. At the Phase 3 coffees we compare notes about our water damaged basements, splitting cabinets, and sewage smelling laundry rooms. Out of the Stepford miasma, individual faces are emerging. Just as I was leaving at the end of the coffee, a new Mexican lady arrived. Retraining for punctuality is an onerous process, I must admit, having become accustomed to Latin timing, but the girl has got to get with the program if she ever want to meet her (rather punctual) neighbors.

In search of a humidifier to quell Thing 3’s nighttime hacking cough, I proceeded down Metro’s aisles, pantomiming with a shop attendant (steam is fun to mimic), and ended up with a noiseless space agey model. Then it was on to find some hooch. Princess Ai Lin invited us to our first party, a progressive one where she lives at Baby Villas; we are bringing the vodka for martinis. At less than $10 a bottle, Stolichnaya was cheaper (but not by much) than my favorite Swedish brand, which I also purchased, so I bought two. Cheaper even than cranberry juice, it almost pays you to drink it! Remember: we are not driving ourselves home from the party but even I know that a third martini is ill-advised. I had to go to a special part of the store and pay for the goods before returning to pay for the rest of the items, which I could not pay for with the humidifier. Unlike Brazil, I got to take the goods with me and did not have to retrace me steps at the end of the shopping experience. Bonus!

Feeling lucky, I then selected a cell phone since the first one was ruined when a bottle of water leaked in my purse. Having saved so much on the booze, I splurged on the cell phone. Hello Moto and Happy Birthday to me! As there is no voice mail, text messaging is essential here and I needed one that fit comfortably in my palm and had a stylus. (At leasat this is what I told Mr. Understanding.) This was yet another stop at another register. Thinker that he is, V2 was on hand to test the phone with his own SIM chip. It worked! He’s earning his keep.

Two hours and three cash registers later, I emerged into the bright October sunshine, victorious, purchases in hand. Success, success, success! Chinese retail therapy is really cheering me up. I was still smiling as the workmen climbed on to my balcony this morning at 8:30 with jackhammers lift the tiles to fix the leak. And so it goes ….

*My hotmail account is currently working at about thirty percent which makes it difficult to answer emails – sorry!



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3 responses to “Metro Stop

  1. Will be home at 4:00. Love you.

  2. Expat:
    I thought hooch was pot.

  3. expat princess

    Leezer: You made me doubt myself. Herewith direct from “short for hoochinoo, a distilled liquor made by the Hoochinoo (Hutsnuwu) Indians, a Tlingit tribe
    Date: 1897
    slang : alcoholic liquor especially when inferior or illicitly made or obtained”

    OK, so it was not illicitly made, etc. but I love it when you challenge me!

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