Bonnie In Clyde’s

Conversation with Mother as we are waiting for the check at Clyde’s restaurant in the nation’s Capitol:

Thing 1: maybe we should dine and dash?

Radish: the older I get, the more often I do!

Laughter all around.

Me (perplexed): Really? You have turned to a life of crime in your advancing age? What’s going on with that? Where was the last time you dined and dashed?

Radish: Donna and Jimmy’s. Before that, the Bissetts.

Ha, ha. I should have known. She likes to go to bed early.



Filed under Family, Fine Dining, Life, Misunderstandings, Travel

3 responses to “Bonnie In Clyde’s

  1. Expat:

    I love it! Radish, do you also ring doorbells then run? Call grocery stores and ask if they have Prince Charles in a can?

  2. Prince Albert


    Get your Princes right. It was my can and Chas never got near it, let alone in it.

  3. Laura

    I thought it was Prince Albert……

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