Just a quickie. Am running out the door on my way to a Tai Tai (housewife) afternoon: mani/pedi/massage, all in the name of Tai Tai recruiting for Mr. Understanding.

The rumor is true: they need to put the phoon back in typhoon. Barely a sprinkle. The rain on our first weekend was epic by comparison. Painters continued to paint in my house, furniture was delivered. Children were cranky because Mother was paranoid having never been through a typhoon. You know, the usual. Having said that, I can see why 2 million people were evacuated. For me, just a bit inland, there is nowhere to go. But if you live on a boat or in a hut by the sea, heading for higher ground is the wise thing to do.

Off to be groomed. Will have lots more to share. Should see plenty of tanorexics!



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5 responses to “Ty-phooey

  1. MCV

    Am confused. Are you recruiting another housewife (tai tai) for Mr. Understanding? If so, there should be more to this post than just the typhoon.

  2. Tom

    Tai-Tai recruiting! Mr. Understanding’s got some great job benefits. I thought getting a dental plan was good.

    You’ll still be #1 Tai-Tai though….Won’t you?

  3. La Lopez

    Yeah, I wondered about that #2 Tai-Tai myself. You had mentioned something about living in the Mormon/Catholic ‘hood, but I didn’t take that to mean that you had to subscribe to the poligamy thing as well. But, I admire your cooperative and submisive attitude. You go, girl. Let #2 do all the heavy lifting.

  4. Silly readers: recruit the wife and the husband will follow! Who wears the pants in a foreign job assignment? The stay at home spouse. The Tai Tai or Guy Tai, if you will, wields all the power when it comes to deciding if they are willing to jump the American ship and move abroad. As the saying goes, if Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Furthermore, even though I love rainbows, don’t read too much into me wooing the wife or promoting polygamy. My nails look nice though!

  5. Winnie

    Viva nail polish!! And, please, no more wives or husbands … I can’t remember birthdays and anniversaries as it is.

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