Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head

Mood Ring Mama commented to me over the phone this morning that her friends, some of them commenters on this blog and others, thought I was hating my new life in Asia. Not quite yet. I think all of the grousing comes along with moving in general, although if I had moved to the 425 area code, not so much. New construction foibles are part and parcel of life in new digs. Compared to my entry to Brazil, this has been a breeze. That was traumatic even without the fractured ankle. If I only mentioned an overflowing septic tank after a storm, you would have an inkling of the daily hardshi*s we encountered there. Crapulous indeed.

Having said that, a typhoon is headed our way and I might have to eat my words. School is canceled for tomorrow so we will be eating popcorn and having an all family work party. Any bets on how the glamour house will fare after a big storm? I’d rather wager on a duck tongue ….



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6 responses to “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head

  1. Kathy

    Batten down the hatches Girl and have a proper storm party with the fam. I’ll pray the typhoon misses you and spares your new digs. BTW, you’re not living on just popcorn are you?

  2. If your electricity is still on. . . . . I just saw there was a monsoon storm coming , but I could not find it again. I looked at Shanghai weather and they just said 100% rain. I guess a monsoon is 100% rain. Be well. Do you have any cans of chili beans?

  3. 425Heidi

    Mood Ring Mama assured me you will be happier after 4 months. Then I read an article this morning about the bird flu they have discovered in ducks in Beijing. So, I prayed that the duck tongue your children ate was from Shanghai. Now a typhoon! We got a taste of scary weather last December, and it was not fun. Please keep safe, and I will pray that your shelter does not become a swamp!

  4. Third hand I received the information that the typhoon was a dud. Please tell us what did happen?

  5. gamamãe

    We were thinking of you this morning as K, H and myself headed to SSNJ. Will you post info to help find sponsors for the close to 500 kids?!If only we could swap a bit of each others weather conditions- things might even out in the wash??? My humidifiers have died so I must lay rung out soggy bath towels over lawn furniture in the corner of the kids bedrooms so there will be some measure of humidity while they sleep. Hope the ´popcorn held out and everyone is doing well.
    I replied to my bday post on that post – obrigada amiga. Beijocas com pipocas!!

  6. Gamamae,
    YES, YES, AND YES!!! Will talk to our US counterparts, Missionary Girl and Toucan Tom, next week face to face to see if there is progress on administrating the sponsorship program from the US. Send photos of the 30 +12 party, por favor!

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