Drawin’ A Blank

My post on 9/11 got eaten by the internet and I did not have the energy to start all over. My bad. I typed directly into the website instead of cutting and pasting from Word as any thinking person would have done, especially one living in an internet unfriendly country. The internet has been down most of this week. I am thinking maybe my post shouldn’t have been published in any event. It was sort of inflammatory.

Yesterday I went to an American Women’s group across the river. I have not been with so many American women in 12 years. Unnerving. I almost walked away from the event brainwashed into thinking that my diamonds are not big enough (I wasn’t wearing any, but still), my hair not sufficiently coiffed, and naturally, my thighs and other body parts thin enough. Could it be that I am more comfortable with the Europeans?

No, not really. The French women I have seen ooze style with simple skirts and ginormous leather bags, handbags large enough to fit a baby inside if they were so inclined, unafraid that the chains garnishing the purse would not choke the child. Their handbags so distract I completely overlook their dirty hair, pulled back in a chignon or petite pony tail.

My Russian neighbor, Svetlana, with whom I share a fence, and I took an instant dislike to one another. We barely nod to each other at the endless coffee mornings we have attended for school functions. The first time we spoke all she could talk about was those terrible American appliances. I almost pointed out that they were MIC (no American would put “fuzzy” as a wash setting cycle) but shut my mouth – arguing with her would be like asking Putin to explain that spy poisoning incident last year. Pointless. I tried really hard not to be gleeful when an army of men were digging up her yard after her plumbing exploded, the excavation so massive the workers had to tent off the yard and house from onlookers and smellers. My yard is probably next.

Svetlana, however, made me smile at this morning’s coffee get together. When introducing herself, and her daughter in absentia, she made the following comment, “All the boys know Babushka! She’s very social.” So I hear. More than one other parent tittered.

I am behind in my emails, am only 20 percent through my to do list, but this week felt rather normal. There is almost too much to write about but at the end of the day I am exhausted and decidedly not creative. My blog stats are in the tank, however, so I am trying to pump them up. Be patient. I’ll get my groove back soon.

Happy Birthday to Gamamae! Trinta e doze e demais! BEIJAOS!!!



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7 responses to “Drawin’ A Blank

  1. leezer


    First off, I apologize for not being a more loyal commenter on this blog. It has been a roller coaster of a summer here. But I’m gettin my blog groove back. I’m curious about the American women in China. Why are their thighs thin and why do they have large diamonds? Is it their past time to work out?

    Living on the Eastside three minutes away from MCS, I’ve notice the plethora of tan, fit women. I’ve vowed not to become tanorexic or runnerexic. I’m all for fitness, but when an arm begins to look like a piece of beef jerkey, that’s too far in my book.

    Expat, you’re beautiful just the way you are. 🙂

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    Expat – LOVE THIS BLOG! I hope we get frequent updates on “the Svety Betty.”

    Leezer – I’ve also vowed not be become a runnerexic too, and it’s a breeze. Now I’m working on not becoming a sitaholic. Much more difficult what with the internet and needlepoint.

  3. MCV

    The beauty of the Europeans seems to be effortless, whereas the American women always look as if they’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get that way. Too tan, too skinny, too straight hair, etc.

  4. My thoughts of these other American women are that likely none of them are literary like you. Think of yourself as a piece of contemporary art,which you are. This is much better than being a piece of work. Maybe those other women are from Texas,which could explain it. Or maybe they are John Kerry’s sister. But you could cut your hair short in the way you wore it as a child. I always like that.

    I lack the courage to look at my stats.

  5. La Lopez

    How old is this Babushka? Perhaps you need to consider locking up your son. Do the math. If you are living in the Mormon/Catholic expat hood, the Mormon parents aren’t going to let their boys near her, and once she goes through the Catholics she’ll be looking for some Protestant prospects. Run!

  6. moodringmama

    La Lopez – Very funny!!!

  7. gamamãe

    ´Brigadão for my birthday wishes. I channeled some of your hostessing skills and made the 8 couples who joined Harvard guy for dinner, play musical chairs for the 3 courses!! You and Mr. U would´ve had fun I think and added even more fun factor to the whole evening.
    LOVE ” svety betty ” nickname. I think mood ring mama and I share a similar sense of humor?? We should get recurring updates on svety betty and Diva lady. Just for the sheer sillyness of thesee two figuras! If you need a name for svetys husband- it might be mr. borscht or just plain, boris?
    When my sister-in-law started her expat exprience in Rio, she had the same reaction to her nationals. After her 2nd cafezinho where there was an ” expert” to give a talk on how to protect your husband and your marriage from his secretary, she stopped going. She still keeps in touch with her BFFs from that time – a brazilian and a swede!!

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