Wake Me Up When September Ends

I swear to God my brain is parked and taxi’ing outside my body. Clearly, I cannot think anymore. Perhaps it is the mountains of stuff, stuff, stuff, surrounding me, waiting to be put away. The moving casualties are growing, spawning more mess in their wake. My garage door remains to be hung so it is not a secure location to stow the odd box of anything. Some new best friends showed up today and hung the mirror over the mantle so it’s not all doom and gloom. Until I wrote down my …

To Do List:

1) write developer and remind them of all the items missing or in need of repair in house
2) submit insurance claim for shoulder surgery
3) submit insurance claim for air freight shipment
4) compile and submit insurance claim for sea shipment
5) organize and throw birthday party for Thing 2 this weekend, after soccer game
6) go to Ikea, way across town, and buy bookshelves
7) find a tasteful coffee table
8) scratch Mr. Understanding’s back
9) make dinner
10) take out money for Thing 1’s school trip
11) buy cheese, fruit and water
12) purchase forgotten/missing items over the internet and send to US for trip in October
13) put away household contents
14) swim lessons in the afternoon
15) go to dry cleaners – do not trust “ayi” get with laundering all items
16) figure out how to pay for the school bus

At least I crossed writing Vanity Fair off the list. I sent in my letter this morning.


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One response to “Wake Me Up When September Ends

  1. What you are experiencing is life. At least you are not adding clean toilets, vacuum four stories.

    On a more positive note. I am thrilled that you have sent something off to Vanity Fair. Just remember, it is because of me that you are becoming a writer.

    Where is the place I can put my attar or however you spell it?

    Tell us a bout the lady next door whose kitchen ceiling fell in.

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