Happy Anniversary, Mr. Understanding


Mr. Understanding and I are well into our second decade of marital bliss, sliding towards two decades, as of today. He is in another foreign country, whilst I am in mine, and comes home tomorrow. He is formulating budgets for Asia and I am unpacking a 40ft. container. It is a toss-up as to which is more painful. I have a card or two for him, which I have yet to write in. I know for a fact he does not yet have one for me. Usually he makes them but even I can figure out this is impossible for 2007. Sigh. He makes the best cards. Last year he did not have one for me either, but he wrote me a beautiful love letter on some random Argentine hotel stationery. And, we were staying at the Copacabana Palace and he had jewels for me so I overlooked the tawdry paper goods (no, it was not a Ramada but it might as well have been). It was a biggish year. This year he got a fancy pants guitar for his birthday/anniversary so at least he got a gift.

Since I have not seen much of Mr. Understanding the last 6 months, I am rather at a loss as what to write besides: “Hey there, how’s it going? Sorry we were moving during your shoulder surgery and I could not stay in the hospital or pamper you. I did take care of the children and move the house, so that’s something. Even though you make ridiculous suggestions on furniture placement and can’t pack a suitcase, I still love you. Looking forward to catching up – keep in touch!” Somehow I don’t think this will cut it. Fatigue and frustration are short-circuiting my ability to spout words of affirmation.

Mr. Understanding writes much better love letters than I do, in any event. They are so perfect I am saving them for my children so they will know how to write to their spouses. Anniversaries, like birthdays, are important to me because each one represents a little victory, like the crossing of a finish line at the end of a race. This is no mean feat and cause for celebration. Some years are fabulous, some wretched, but in general for us it is a big mix with a larger dose of the fabulous. In the meantime, Mr. U, if you are reading this, skip the card, skip the letter. I’ll settle for a pack of gum when I see you. Dear man, you are off the hook!



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3 responses to “Happy Anniversary, Mr. Understanding

  1. moodringmama

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH! I am impressed with Mr. U’s reported love letter writing skills. Who knew? Moodringpapa is not talented in this department. I overlook this though b/c he regularly brings me home flowers and makes me a pot of coffee every a.m. before leaving for work.

    Thanks for your continued great blogging!

  2. Klab

    Happy Anniversary!! Perhaps he will serenade you on his new guitar.

  3. Flaky Friend

    Happy Anniversary! Yours was one of the best weddings I have ever attended, what I can remember of it anyway:) I’ll never forget you dancing at the wedding. What fun! Hang in there – you guys will get a break soon, I’ll bet.

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