How Many Chinese Does It Take ….

… to unpack an American/Mexican/Brazilian household?

The answer is: 10 movers, 2 drivers standing around doing nothing, one “ayi” to walk the dog, and Mr. Understanding’s secretary to translate.



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3 responses to “How Many Chinese Does It Take ….

  1. gamamãe

    Are they done yet??? What/who is an ayi and can I get one for certain persons of my familia??? Have you found your milk frother for your cafe? Did you come across your camera cables??
    Send normal sized fotos when you can- can´t wait to seee the american,mexican,brazilian,chinese melting pot decor!!
    Beijocas to you and yours!

  2. Gamamae: Not by a long shot. Yesterday they just brought the stuff into the house and set up the beds. Today they unpack, at least as much as I will let them. No to the milk frother, no to the camera cables. Maybe today! Ayi = maid and you already have one, my beloved Nilda.

  3. Winnie

    Do the lightbulbs yourself…. it doesn’t sound like there ARE enough Chinese.

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