Purse Chair – Not


One of the things I miss most about Latin America is the institution of the “purse chair”, a specially designated chair at restaurants just for customers’ purses.

In Mexico, so it was explained to me, leaving a purse on the floor meant that all of one’s money would leak out onto the floor, leaving one penniless. Perhaps that is just a bad translation and the person explaining the social custom meant that one’s money would walk away, snatched up by a pair of sticky fingers. Given the preponderance of pickpockets, this is an apt metaphor and possible interpretation.

In Brazil, one is sometimes offered a mini purse table, which is even better. Sometimes the purses are tied to the chair with a table cloth, a purse “bib”, so to speak. If there is no chair available, one is brought over, even if it gets in the way of the servers and the other customers. Make no mistake: a Brazilian woman would no sooner put her purse on the floor than go outside unaccessorized.

Alas, this is not the situation in the PRC. This, MoodRingMama, is a phantom pain. Like a missing limb, I keep looking for a safe, clean place to stash my purse but it’s not there. To assuage the pain of the loss, I have a throne in my bedroom, featured above*, but only for a short while. On Thursday the rest of my shipment is due to arrive and this gilded monstrosity will be removed along with the rest of the rental furniture, destined to grace the empty palace of yet another expat princess. I am not going to miss it.

*I have heard that my personal photos are too large and so removed many of yesterday’s. Please write in if this continues and I will have to go back to outsourcing photos.



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12 responses to “Purse Chair – Not

  1. MCV

    Yes, picture is too big again. Have Thing 1 work on it–she’ll figure it out. Good post though.

  2. Jody

    Hi MK, you missing your purse chair reminds me of me missing our dear maid, as well as our good old washer and dryer from the states! I have been washing and ironing clothes non-stop since arriving in France, only to find that the washing machines are made to fit about 3 pairs of pants (no joke), the dryers can be running for 24/7 and your same 3 pairs of pants are still drenched (no joke). Clothes lines only work if a) you have one, b) the sun shines (has rained non-stop since we arrived) and c) someone helps you iron 100% of your 1-week later, wrinkled, air-dryed wardrobe! Hard as it may seem, we miss Elizabeth even more than you miss your purse chair.. Beijos, JJ

  3. JJ: There is no comparison between missing a maid and a purse chair. You win. The old adage “you don’t know what you had until it’s gone” applies. I really and truly feel your pain. I am sure Virgina misses Elizabeth too!!!

  4. P.S. I really just wanted an excuse to post the photo of the Butt Ugly Chair.

  5. SmartAlecAngela

    I soooooooo miss the purse chair. I was just complaining about this last week to my american friends. I was at a fairly expensive restaurant with no where to stash my new white cloth Coach purse. The Brazilians are way more civilized when it comes to this!

  6. 425Heidi

    You all need to quit your whining and search for “Purse Hangers” on the internet. There are a wide variety of companies that sell hooks for your purse that you hang on the edge of the table. Problem solved. Now let’s move on to the picture problem…

  7. SAA: I was empathetic until I read 425Heidi’s comment.

    425Heidi: Thanks for the excellent suggestion!!! Solving global problems one blog at a time!! However, please remember that I no longer live in the Land of Plenty. Although I am sure those darling hooks are manufactured in the Middle Kingdom, I have yet to see one, even in use. Since my birthday is coming right up, MoodRingMama or MCV might be inclined to save my fine handbags with this handy device. (A Twirly Pop would also be in order).

    Regarding the photos, Thing 1 will get right on it this afternoon. In the meantime, bear with me. The movers come today! CFD round 2.

  8. Winnie

    How about a front-pack (that you don’t need to take off while dining), complete with a built-in napkin clip? Where is the patents office in PRC?

  9. Ha ha, Winnie, ha ha. No need for patents in the PRC.

  10. leezer


    Before you post the photos, click on the photo while it’s still on your hard-drive. Select “Edit photo.” You should have a button that allows you to condense the image for web or e-mail. Select “web.” Voila.

  11. Leezer: you are a gem. I will try it this afternoon. Off for my first Chinese haircut.

  12. maria

    This is for Jody…..I´ve tried this machines in Paris last January and I felt the same…..
    we miss you and your “gourmet husband”a lot;no more canard for Fernando for some time…

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