Rain Rain

Go away.

I am almost too tired to write. Last night a monsoon rain hit our compound flooding all of the backyards on my street. During the storm Thing 1 drained her bathtub, on the ground floor, and a geyser erupted in her bathroom, the flow from the drain spilling out of the bathroom onto her bedroom floor. Apparently, this happened on a smaller scale earlier in the day, before the rain came and after she flushed the toilet.

This morning a small parade of people has been through my house, someone to paint over last week’s water stains from the leak, someone to rehang the curtains, the new maid, the person to fix the washing machine, the person to check the humidity, the cleaners to clean the flooded bathroom and bedroom, the guards to move the furniture.

Of course, the “engineers” say, there is no problem. “It’s just the rain.” I have heard this excuse before, having lived in Brazil and Mexico.

“It’s the drain,” I say, “the problem happened before the rain. It must be plugged up. I cannot have this happen everytime it rains. My daughter lives in this room.” Who do you think is going to win this one? Me. I am digging in my heels. While they are at it, they’re going to fix a few other things too.



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7 responses to “Rain Rain

  1. Winnie

    Don’t know if you remember, but when we moved in here, the downstairs bath overflew several times in the first week. Turned out the tilers had disposed of their extra grout in the drain, (clever idea, no?), and, wonder of wonders, we now have a drain-shaped doorstop, (which required a rather extensive archaeological dig), to remind us of our effluent experience. (No worries: thoroughly cloroxed!)
    Take heart, Princess, this too shall pass.

  2. Mood Ring Momma

    Yikes. I’m glad you’re digging in your heels. We can’t have plumbing problems for my 40th, that’s for dang sure. I refuse to celebrate a new decade with a plunger in hand.

  3. Raftbuddy

    Do they give you a translator to communicate with all these workers? I can’t even imagine!! I am having a hard enough time communicating with the guys re-roofing my house right now- lots of hand gestures, etc!!

  4. Flaky Friend

    This is a big bummer – you are probably still jet lagged and having to work the kinks out of a new house. Hang in there and have a scotch.

  5. Laura

    I´m sitting here looking at our FIFTH freak snowstorm of the season (it should be at least 70 degrees and sunny by this time of year) and sympathizing with you. Please tell Thing 1 that Alexander´s roof/ceiling collapsed under the weight of snowstorm three, (or was it two????) and his solution was to move into another room. Is that an option?


  6. Winnie: thanks for the advice 🙂 – I think you are on the right track. We will have another opportunity to test this theory as we are due for another “harvest” rain this weekend.

    MRM: Maybe we can have engraved baby plungers for your 40th as party favors? Not only would it make a statement, it would be emblematic for the years to come.

    Raftbuddy: upon occasion, there is someone who speaks “English” to help. It took an “engineer” 3 trips, with a translator, to diagnose yesterday’s ice maker problem.

    FF: I have moved on to gin and vodka tonics – more refreshing in this heat.

    La Lopez: I guess it was a good thing we came to Chile for the 10th birthday. Moving to another room is not an option – yet. Did you feel the shaking in Peru? I cannot imagine an 8!

  7. Laura


    Yes, it was a wonderful thing that you came to Chile for the big 1-0. And that we got to see you in Rio at Easter. Alexander would love for your Thing 2 to come for the 11th – it will be a ski party at Portillo. Could you swing that? If not, what are Thing´s plans? Alexander is asking for a guitar, among another dozen things.

    Did not feel much shaking here, but yes, these events are quite awful. I have been in an 8.5 in the DF – not fun. Makes you contemplate your mortality in a split second, and the upside is that all the petty stuff that goes on in your life seems quite insignficant.

    I am off tonight to get my Thing 1 settled in college. Smack dab between LA and Santa Barbara, a 14-mile straight shot through the canyon to Malibu. Can he pick ’em or what? He´s asked for me to schlep his longboard, snowboard, watercolor his probably-soon-to-be ex painted for him, plus two bottles of cachaça. I was about to give in on the Brazilian firewater and actually have it packed, until last night we got a packet for parents from CLU, illuminating all parents of freshmen on the university policy on said firewater and related ¨drugs of choice.¨ Did his reputation proceed him? Did ours? Have they been monitoring our e-mails and chat rooms? Or, do you think it´s possible that OTHER college students have tried this refreshing beverage as an ice breaker, and man, they´re going down?

    In any event, my inclinaion is to keep the stuff in the suitcase (Carlos has requested two California Zinfandels be returned in the two-pack box, something no college president nor wild horses could possibly halt, so why take an empty box up north?) and maybe make my own caipirihna party with my high school friends. I know they´re over 21. Maybe I´ll even invite the CLU president, but I will card him at the door, just for fun.

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