Pork, No Crab


Last night we went out with our kids for our first real Chinese meal, home of the Stewed Frog’s Ovaries in Paw Paw Cup, if you’ll kindly remember from my May posting. Seated in our own private room, we had two full time waitresses attending us. One gave me a menu and I tried to recreate May’s meal for the family, steering clear of all things frog.

Thing 3, exasperated by my attempts to explain that we did not want the crab dumplings, just the pork, leapt up from her chair and acted out the difference, pulling up her nose and oinking, nodding her head yes, then shaking her finger the Brazilian way to indicate “no” and clamping her fingers shut to indicate the closing pinchers of a crab.

Our waitresses collapsed into fits of giggles. Not the most elegant form of communication, but certainly effective. We were served no crab dumplings.

Later, Thing 3 groaned and said, “I should have just shown them this!” On her purse is a piggy key chain that oinks which she bought with her pocket money this summer at Linen-n-Things. At the time I thought it a dumb purchase. Having now been proven wrong, could someone please send me a few? How about an entire barnyard and set from the sea?



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2 responses to “Pork, No Crab

  1. MCS

    Hilarious!!!! Thanks for making me laugh so hard. Thing 3 is priceless.

  2. Raftbuddy


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