Made In China

I was going to post the contents of my air freight shipment to China today but then thought better of it. Maybe Mr. Understanding wouldn’t be pleased to know about those darling glass pumpkin lanterns from Illuminations, made in China, being flown back from whence they came. Or the new fancy garbage can and 4 boxes of garbage can liners. Poker chips and Scrabble, along with game guidebooks which arrived in the mail from the Ferdnancy family, were packed in the Igloo ice chest. At the last minute some Restoration Hardware martini glasses made it into the shipment because the packers thought I might need a daily cosmopolitan in China. Mr. U does know about the pre-lit Christmas tree, made in Hong Kong, however. (I have been stockpiling since late November.) Giddy with excitement to see the last of the shipments to leave, I then remembered there are still suitcases to pack. Deflated would be my current state of mind. I never thought I would say this, but I am close to being shopped out. And I still need to purchase panty hose.

Southern Belle wins a prize for going above and beyond the call of duty and visiting my pets yesterday, as featured below:

Just so you know, all of the above mentioned items were manufactured in the PRC but are not available for sale there.



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7 responses to “Made In China

  1. MCV

    I think it fairly typical that all the stuff comes from the PRC but you actually can’t buy it there. All the cool Italian shoes aren’t sold in Italy either. Well, perhaps in Versace but not where I was shopping. I detested Italian shoes while living there. Perhaps this also had something to do with the fact that I’m twice the size of a Sicilian . . . “grande, grande” they would yell at me in the market.

  2. MCS

    This post really made me laugh. Thanks for buying those martini glasses too for my 40th!

  3. stephanie lynch

    Ok princess, I get that there is a cat and poodle in the picture but what the hell is the other animal. Please tell me it’s not a large Brazilian rodent.

    I’m so glad you are packed up and remember our talk about the smooth line and Spanx toeless. Nice catching up with you last night.

    Your flaky friend

  4. Stephanie,
    It is a profile of my cat Jefferson, the Ronaldhino of Persian kitties (he has a snaggletooth). I am not paying for fine pet portraiture! Would you like your blog handle to be Flaky Friend?

  5. stephanie lynch

    Yes, I would like to be Flaky Friend – it has a certain accurate descriptiveness. What is a Ronaldhino? And as long as you love Jefferson I do too. I’m glad all the pets are well.

    Flaky Friend

  6. Flaky Friend, Also I enjoyed talking to you. Hope to see you next year. The Radish

  7. stephanie lynch


    I definitely am coming up next year – princess will have to pencil, make that ink, me in to the schedule.

    Love and hugs,

    Flaky friend

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