Scratch My Ichiro


Although Thursday, July 12, was Ladies Night Out at Safeco Field, Wild Bill gave The Radish, me, Middle Sister, and MCV tickets to the Mariners vs. the Detroit Tigers on Friday the 13th. Sitting right off third base, we had an excellent view of the players and the fans. There is a lot to be said for going to a Major League Baseball game in the summer, especially if you are an expat. I almost forget what Americans look like. Friday night was a refresher course.

In the seats immediately in front of us were a quasi-granolaish couple in their thirties out on a date. Farther down in front were four members of the Divorced Dads Club, all ringless, looking a little disheveled, drinking water. Boring! (They could use a little counseling on how to catch Wife #2). Then there was the middle aged Microsoft (?) couple with their gorgeous in vitro twins and nanny; they stayed 2 innings. Our favorite fan of the night was out with her daughter and her teenaged friends. They brought big card board signs and whenever the camera music would start up, they sang and danced to the music, waving the signs in the air, attempting to entice the cameras their direction. Mama, attired in a chartreuse, synthetic babydoll top, was feeding the girls beer. When she would point at the camera, her frosty Pepto Bismal pink acrylic nails would sparkle back at us. Accompanying her antics was a stuffed Mariner Moose. They left abruptly at the end of the eighth inning, depriving us of Bon Jovi and AD/DC renditions. This was really too bad since the 9th inning was very exciting. We almost won.

Then there is the Stadium Food. Our father, The Bear, steadfastly refuses to eat any Stadium Food besides peanuts, which he can personally shell. But not us girls. Eating at the ballpark is my idea of meal planning – something for everyone. Hot dogs, clam chowder, microbrew beer, lemonade, popcorn. What’s not to like?

Today’s post is dedicated to Ichiro Suzuki, #51 on the Mariners. We like the fact that he wears his uniform in the traditional manner, his prebatting zen pose and tight, old fashioned stance. He is a class act and if a ballplayer is going to make a pile of money playing ball, he’s our choice.

Things 1, 2 & 3 are off to their respective camps. I am watering the lawn, mopping the floor after last night’s Lake Chelan Pre-FUNC, and washing a load of laundry. Mr. Understanding is calling in a few minutes, hopefully not to berate me for my spending. Admittedly, it is scandalous. We are moving to China, after all, and I still need to buy panty hose and mosquito magnets. Or so Princess Ai Lin tells me. She was at the party last night with her children and surveyed the contents of my garage which will be packed on Thursday for the air freight shipment. I have not worn panty hose in 5.5 years and the thought alone is enough to get my panties in a bunch.

Play of the day Friday: Inge’s catch off third base – he was nearly levitating off the base line.



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7 responses to “Scratch My Ichiro

  1. Princess Ai Lin

    Great Chelan Pre-FUNC last night, Princess. Thanks for hosting us. Especially thankful for the couch, floor and bunk. Only sorry KLab had to miss out on the slumber party. Delicious taste of what awaits east of the mountains.

  2. Ai Lin,
    I agree with you on the spelling of pre-func but I was shot down. My floor is your floor, my couch your couch. Maybe next time LabRat will let KLab blab and gab into the wee hours, especially if he reads up on the Five Love Languages. Should I bring the books as party favors for the men?

  3. LabRat

    LabRat–ouch! Am I stuck with that? KLab and I are very clear on the “love languages” It is the regional dialects that get in the way.

  4. Klab

    Ladies, that was SUPER fun. Thank you for the pre-FUNC. Stars are now aligned for good times. Start to finish. No warm up necessary.

  5. MCV

    Dear Lord, can we please move off the 5 Love Languages? Good times . . . so much so that I spent most of yesterday recovering. I’ll have to bring it down a notch for East of the Mountains. My personal favorite moment? Expat Princess doing the samba for us!

  6. MCS

    I loved that my husband hung in there with us to the bitter end – he has some good lines somethings, I think because he is a good listener (that is, which there’s not a chore list involved). Also loved that my father was cheered (“Don’t Leave! Don’t Leave!”) into staying at least an extra hour.

  7. LabRat: Of course, you are not stuck with that name! It just means you have to come up with your own blog handle. LOL re: the regional dialects.

    Have officially changed spelling of Pre-Func, MCV.

    Now, back to work, everybody.

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