Crapulous on 7/7/7


Today marks my 12th anniversary as an expat and frankly, I am feeling a little crapulous.* Perhaps it was Southern BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad, Costco cake, potato chips, hummus, guacamole, mojitos, ice cream, apple and blueberry crumble, red wine, caipiroskas, beer and Butterfingers that has me feeling this way? The Radish looked absolutely horrified when informed that we were serving our out-of-town guests a lard laden Star Spangled cake from Costco for dessert on the 4th but in the end, even she was won over. That, and a stack of Chinet paper plates, was my bid towards easy entertaining for the holiday masses. Pepper bacon this morning rounded out our Pork Fest.

Even though we bifurcated our 4th of July party, we had a great time. It could be like cell division – you can’t go back. How are we going to go get back to having one party next year? The only way I can see it is to rent the Grange hall for added guests and have a tricycle parade up here like the 425 crowd mastered (Middle Sister was one of the Grand Masters but I will leave that story to the participants). I attribute my mother’s miraculous recovery on the 5th with the fact that the party was smaller and held at my house. So even though we had a perfect day, I missed my sisters, their families, and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdnancy, Minivan Nan and Mr. IranContraCosta, friends from our Baltimore days and Buddy‘s godparents, came up from the Bay Area with their three perfectly behaved teenaged children. Uncle Jess and Aunt Paul came up from SF, on their way to the wilds of Alaska. They did not know each other but got along like a house on fire. Aunt Paul cleaned our clocks at Balderdash (Uncle Jess even blushed at the word “ballhooter”), Mr. IranContraCosta taught the kids poker, and Minivan Nan and I gabbed and blabbed. Yesterday, on a tout from 425 Heidi , we went on the Seattle Underground Tour. All were entertained by the thinly veiled potty humor comedy routines by Jim and Terrilynn. I won the prize for having been there the longest ago: 32 years. The same crapper** is still there. In what might possibly be the cutest Christmas card photo ever, I clicked Mr. IranContraCosta and Minivan Nan in front of said commode. Then it was back to the Space Needle for lunch where we got another bang for the buck with the Lunar Orbiter ice cream extravaganza.

The house is empty now. Not to offend all the non-travelers out there, but those who travel just to visit, play Scrabble, catch up and connect are simply the best house guests on the planet, especially if they recycle their empty Coke cans. Nothing says I Love You like a visit from out-of-towners. Conditioned not to cry anymore as I wave good-bye, since that seems to be my life’s theme, it’s only later, as I am blogging, that the tears start to flow. Damn, that was a fine party.


*it’s a real word. Go to
** toilet, invented by Thomas Crapper. Now my kids know it’s not a bad word. Thanks, Jim!



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9 responses to “Crapulous on 7/7/7

  1. MCV

    Well, it sounds like the Fourth worked out for all. The 425ers did have a great time, parade and all. We too had the pulled pork. Ai Lin says she has made it twice in Shanghai, cooks from it frequently–you need to get the cookbook before you leave. Ai Lin also wants to make in Chelan. I concur!

  2. MCS

    The 425ers had a blast as well – water fights and badminton were the primary entertainment. But for the sweltering heat, it was an excellent day. I particularly appreciated that we were a part of Anna’s first 4th of July as an American citizen. That was quite special. We did of course miss our usual Camano party, but given the circumstances, it was the next best thing.

  3. "The Next Best Thing..."

    It was a great 4th! My favorite memories will be MCS walking the parade wearing a patriotic vest and carrying a large flag, and Anna Song Song playing most of the time completely naked. We also made a toast to the 1 year anniversary of Salvatore’s American citizenship. Good times!

  4. I would say that I am prone to respiratory problems. And that has happened from childhood when I had pneumonia twice. I also admit it is a life long pattern to get sick under stress. Several shrinks have tried to deal with this, but I think I am hard wired.

    Okay princess, I have to tell you I do not like all your crazy names. It is too hard for your readers. Every now and then,on, as in Mr. Understanding. And your kids names are just awful. Further I do not know why we have to maintain this charade of secrecy when on the Internet, you can nearly watch anyone’s house. Angel and Sunshine, give me a break. While your daughter’s are both, they are both neither. One is growing sophisticated, and the other is pleasantly exuberant. I like children 1,2,3. radish

  5. angela

    I have to agree with Radish here, all your names are confusing to say the least. I sometimes lose the jist of your blog in all of the pen names. Don’t get me wrong, I love your blogging abilities (my hubby is also an avid reader and supporter), but be flexible and listen to your Radish!

  6. SmartAlecShub

    Okay, so you didn’t coin my pen-name or, should I say, web-name. But, as an aforementioned “avid reader and supporter”, I like the whole crazy names bit.

    We never did get to have the last lunch/dinner in Campinas, but best of luck in XXX. Don’t know if I’ll be coming to China; we’ve lost enough money due to the bloody commies, even if your husband’s hasn’t. Our newest money-losing deal is an attempt in Thailand where the food is almost as hot as the weather — just the way I like it!!

    Gan Bei (Saúde / Cheers).

    P.S.: I’m no longer a virgin blogger! Woo-hoo!!!

  7. But more importantly, back to me …

    AND . . . I had whooping cough at 6 weeks of age. Too much stress.

    Let me be clear, while I do not like the names, I think NoName Princess is a very good writer, for which you have me to thank, as I encouraged her to write non-fiction. I think she is getting a fine body of work together, that she can edit down and try to do something with. Her unique perspective of humor, and topics makes things fun and interesting to me.

  8. SmartAlecAngela

    I wish I could write half as well as ex-pat princess. She is personally the best writer I have ever known. Maybe she will rub off on me a bit and then I won’t be a misunderstood blogger!:):):)

  9. SmartAlecAngela: You are sooooo sweet! But I don’t think you have known many writers :):):)!

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