The Anniversary & SmartalecAngela


But first: lunch at the Space Needle rocks! We liked it so much we are going back with the Ferdnancy Family this week, assuming we can get a reservation. Nilda was impressed by the view and the smokin’ ice cream for dessert (ice cream served with billowing clouds of dry ice – just ice cream but I was paying for the memory). She called today to tell me she got in to Brazil just fine and to say thank you. We got security passes yesterday and saw her board the plane. Tears all around but no sobbing. I have to believe that I am going to see some people again in my life and she is one of them.

Two important things happened on this day:

1) my parents got married 47 years ago. Usually we start the Independence Day celebrations early by toasting The Radish and The Bear. This year, since the Radish still sounds like she is coughing up her left lung, we are curtailing the festivities. MCV did leave us dinner all ready to go as a present to us all. One of the things I like about my parents is that they give each other gifts on their anniversary, even 47 years later, along with ridiculous cards. It is always a party, even if it’s a small one.

2) SmartalecAngela was born XX years ago. I have not known Smarty that long but I would not be lying if I said she was an original wisenheimer. She will tell you the truth, however. No beating around the bush. She once told me I needed to be more flexible. I told her she needed to learn how to “just be”. We were both right. Whenever I am feeling hemmed in by my schedule, I think about Angela’s advice and hook up the flexibility detector (which is why I blew off my legal continuing education class last week when I was feverish and felt like a brick was pressing down on my chest). Angela has 3 smarty children, in-laws from India, loves Oprah, tennis, and cocktails (not necessarily in that order), has the cleanest house of anyone I know, and uses a crock pot on a regular basis. She is great to travel with and has been a supporter of my failed “writing project”.

xoxoxo off to fetch a beer and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine!!!



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4 responses to “The Anniversary & SmartalecAngela

  1. Heidi

    What a great picture! To me, the Radish looks so much like MCV back then. It is in the smile. Regarding dining at the Space Needle, my favorite part is when people leave little notes on the window sill and let them rotate around. Did you see any while you were there?

  2. maria

    Nilda probably had the time of her life.Yes,lunch at space needle is a must in Seattle and the ice cream made us feel like kids last May.
    Hope Angela had 1 or 2 martinis…I had a caipirinha to celebrate her birthday.
    Big hug to Radish and Angela!

  3. SmartalecAngela

    Thank you for the birthday blog.
    We are celebrating birthday/anniversary/4th of July in Outer Banks, NC. Very remote location…Mapquest can’t find it. Praia, sol e caipirinhas. 2 caipirinhas to celebrate my birthday; SmartalecShuby brought the cachaca. XX years and you will be glad to know I am happy to “just be”.
    Thanks to Maria for the best wishes. Hope all is well.

  4. I have always loved that wedding picture. The dress was lovely as it was my aunt’s. The head piece was made by I. Magnin. If you can imagine I weighted 117 pounds and I think Michael was skinnier than I.

    A big regret is that I did not keep a diary of each anniversary. I remember as all being good, if some more lavish, some more low key, some with just the two of us, and some with family. One of my favorites: first I did not want to go out, I did not want to do anything. But Michae l convinced me. We packed a van with a baby Barbeque, two pork chops, some salad and a pitcher of Martini’s, and folding deck chairs. We drove up the coast and parked by the side of the road, grilled our meat, drank martini’s and watched the setting sun off Trinidad Head. It was perfect.

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