The Return of the Radish


Short post today. The Radish is back at home, breathing, and being cared for by The Bear. We are staying clear to provide a chaos free environment. Things left out on counters are annoying her so that means she is on the mend.

We are lunching at the Space Needle today, taking photos with new cameras, sleeping in. Tomorrow is a ferry ride and Krispy Kreme, to round out the American experience. Wild Bill and sons are taking Buddy to the Mariners on Sunday to aclimatize him to American sports again.

Yesterday MCV introduced me to her dirty little secret, The Spice Girls are back and I have to say I like the way they all look now, post motherhood, better than in their heydey except for Posh. Is Barbarella her stylist? Buddy considered buying a David Beckham poster but decided against it at Target the other day. DB scored one of Buddy’s alltime favorite soccer goals and thus is to be admired.

“It was $15. Way too much. If it was $5, I’d a bought it,” he said today.

Good to know.

And of course, it raining here.


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