Passing Evil


The night before we left Brazil Mr. Understanding and I dined with the O’Leary’s and Gamamae and her Harvard bound husband, a former teacher to several of our children. Mr. Hah-vahd is on sabbatical until he starts next year. Let me tell you, dishing over caipiroskas with good friends and former teachers was a great way to finish our stay in Brazil. We were laughing about Lost in Translation moments when Gamamae dropped this gem, from one of her former students: passing evil. Correct translation: we are doing poorly (estamos passando mau). Ain’t that the truth.

I left all my tears in Brazil or I’d be bawling right now. Both Radish and Sunshine have been diagnosed with pneumonia, bacterial or viral we do not know. I cuddled up to my former maid’s chest and heard no congestion so for now, Nilda is status quo. The Radish is still in the hospital, at last getting some sleep. I am chugging Airborne and relying on God to spare me, willing away the plague. Middle Sister is holding down the hospital fort currently, with help from The Bear. MCV has been ordered to stay away until we are no longer virulent. Can you imagine a baby getting this evil?

The trip that I had envisioned for Nilda is not working out like it was meant to be. Still, in an effort to get off the ranch, as we say in our family, we made our first Target run, after stocking up on things for China at Linens-n-Things; the children dined in the car after a Taco Bell run (if you can believe, my kids have never eaten at one before). I’d forgotten how to order fast food in America so had to swing around twice, having missed the wonky talking board the first time. At least kitchen clean up is a breeze. Nilda is impressed with the US’s organization and efficiency. God Bless America and the Radish*.

*She’d approve of the Target run.



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4 responses to “Passing Evil

  1. Angela

    Ugg, I’m praying for a fast recovery for Miss Sunshine and for your Radish!

  2. maria

    I had no computer for last week and I didn´t know about pneumonia…hope everything is fine this week for you all.Ask Nilda to get animada right now……
    About us;Campinas is not the same since you left ;I had no caipirinhas or wine or anything.Really really sad.And the cambuí shops has been empty all the times…BEIJINHOS

  3. maria

    Why did you change the flowers in this blog????

  4. Maria:

    A Nilda esta animando-se. Veja o blog de hoje.
    Have a great weekend, querida, buy a new knife to cut limes and fix yourself a cocktail.


    Ugg is right but we are on the mend. Of course it is raining here.

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