Positively Bubonic

There’s something in the air. And it’s bad. The last time it was this bad was 1977 when my entire family, minus my mother, contracted viral pneumonia.

Apparently, the Radish has contracted Sunshine’s cold. She could not breathe this a.m. so Mr. Style drove her to the ER; they stopped at the firehouse on the way and hitched a ride on the ambulance. Good thing we know how to get to the hospital! Nilda spent the day in bed, laid low with a variation of the disease.

Where is Jim Caviezel when you need him?

*New header courtesy of the Radish’s homegrown repertoire.



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5 responses to “Positively Bubonic

  1. Louise

    Hi MK,
    So, it sounds like you are back in the states. How long will you be here? The closest I am coming to out West is Park City, UT in July…..Wish I could see you.. I find the blog thing a bit daunting…..
    Love to all,

  2. I am surely dull, but I can’t understand what Jim Caviezel has to do with all that

  3. Carroll,
    You are not dull, just have not read my blog for that long. Please reference the post of 5/22. You must be a Caviezel fan?

  4. Louise,
    Am here til the first of August. You keep creeping West bit by bit – Utah is closer than Colorado! How is the blog daunting?
    Love to you all too!

  5. Thank you for the explanation… I’ve read the old blog now LOL
    You ask if I am a JamesC fan?
    well… let’s say… in a certain way 😉

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