Screwed in Brazil, Twice Over


xrays1.jpg (this is not my xray, but looks alarmingly similar – apologies for the size of the photo)

God really does have a sense of humor. We are book ending our 5+ year stay in Brazil with orthopedic surgeries. Talk about pushing the envelope. Or socket, as the case may be. Mr. Understanding and I usually make decisions jointly; this one was voluntary and we only have ourselves to blame for the timing. However, when the orthopedic surgeon told my beloved that his shoulder tendon could snap at any moment, we said PROCEED. No matter that we are leaving in a week, that Mr. U gets to look forward to another 36 hours of flying, his arm in a sling.

The hospital where our respective surgeries were performed has improved greatly in 5 years. Five years ago there was no food and Mr. Understanding spent a night on an outside bench while I screamed inside begging for more morphine. I could have stayed with Mr. U in the same hospital tonight as they have these little couches which fold out into the semblance of a bed. But what to do with my girls in the hotel? (Buddy was dropped off for his 5th grade trip this morning). Packing and loading recommences tomorrow at 9 a.m. after the school run. Mr. U is a champion sleeper, after all, and a man, which assuages my guilt just a bit. I’ve spent plenty of nights alone in a hospital, after all. A driver is taking him back to the hotel because this fraud of a general just can’t figure out how to be in two places at once.

Tonight I am saying a prayer that my man sleeps well and that the little new screw in his shoulder doesn’t set off the alarms next week at the airport. That’s a parting gift we don’t need.



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7 responses to “Screwed in Brazil, Twice Over

  1. Winnie

    Give Mr.U our love and take some for yourself. This too shall pass. Sleep well, all, and heal!!

  2. Laura

    Deus meu! You need a spa – pronto!

  3. MCS

    Whiskey . . .Whiskey . . .Whiskey

  4. Kisses to you Mr. U. I have gone through a few hospital watches at hospitals with you, and I am sorry I can’t be there to wipe your forehead. Get well, and see us when ever. Love.

  5. stephanie lynch

    Hey M-K,

    I have been thinking about you and wondering about the move. Sounds like it is hell, but that as always you will pull through. I am sorry we have been so out of touch but know that you and your family are in my prayers.



  6. Angela

    I’m praying for you!!

  7. The boat is still there. It is raining as usual. The full moon was last night, and I slept. Your house is consumed with boxes, and this is the truth. I am thinking about you all. My love to my co baby photo man. Mother

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