Vagner & I Part Ways, Sort of

I am knee deep in my Glenfiddich, since I cannot move scotch to China and tomorrow is a holiday here in Brazil. The only thing I have to look forward to for the next few days is cleaning closets. I have already cleaned out the pantry and my bathroom, steadfastly ignoring a corner of my bedroom.

In a hairdressing compromise, Vagner highlighted my part last weekend. Genius. The man is like a virtual mood ring, he reads me so well. Other than looking chubby for the going away party photos, my blonde highlights glistened last Saturday. I now can either fix the rest of my head on the 19th or guts it out in the 425/206 area code.

Five boys are now sliding down the hill behind my house on a piece of cardboard in the dark …
at least they put on helmets because now we know I cannot drive them to the hospital.

My crying jag continues … albeit at a slower pace. I have lived in this house for 5 years and 4 months, longer than any place I have ever lived since leaving for college. Am really going to miss the garden and the blue, blue sky.

Now maudlin, I proffer the answers to the Pippi Pop Quiz which no one (lamely) even attempted:

1) china coffee pot and cups
2) opening caramels for children – you have to have lived in Latin America to know just how funny this one is!
3) Peter
4) swallow’s nests

Now go back and read the questions.

Final thought: why do we save burned birthday cake candles? Someone, please answer this!



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11 responses to “Vagner & I Part Ways, Sort of

  1. Glen

    Glenfiddich is not embargoed by Camano Island.

  2. Laura

    To remind us how quickly the years burn away? That those moments of celebration, family and togetherness usually don´t last longer than it takes for the candle to burn?

  3. Kaytess

    1. Whyfor can you not take the most lucious liquid into China?

    2. I’m seriously considering stalking Camano this 4th-ish – especially if SongSong will be attending. Just a heads-up.

  4. Glen,

    You are right. It is just that I have it handy here, for free. The Famous Grouse two pack, however, is going into my luggage.

    La Lopez,

    Get thee to the Carmeuniere. Someone needs to throw you a tristedida!


    1) the movers won’t pack booze for China. It is against their policy. I think they do not want the government hunting through a shipment just to tax a few bottles of hooch.

    2) Write the Radish. You will have to bring a dish and discuss the 5 Love Languages. There are other commenters on this blog who are bailing on us this year for lonely Lopez Island. Can you imagine? We even have attendees from the 410 and 707 area codes venturing north for our event. I think SongSong/Meredith’s first 4th of July is going to ROCK.

  5. MCS

    I understand the crying jag. Can you believe that I cried when I left Puyallup?
    And they weren’t necessarily tears of joy . . . I can’t begin to imagine leaving your beautiful Brazilian estate.

  6. Buy a couple of tables for the fourth. Do not worry about those that are not coming. We have to deal with those that are coming.

  7. gamamãe

    we save the cnadles because we think somehow, someway, we will channel martha stewart and make a keep sake birthday momento shadow box with raffia and colored cellophane paper confeti and the candles would add the special touch????? Yes, every year, over and over, it happens. You, fully expecting to get to it next year, and it will be even better ,because you can add all the burnt and melted candles you have been saving from previous years.

  8. Laura

    You got an invitation to my tristedida, you know, the one with my son´s picture (not) on it. You tend to drag the occasions out over an entire semester: I throw one megaparty for every event of the year so I just have to cry once.

  9. Radish:
    Cannot pack tables in my suitcases. Even I draw the line.

    Gamamae: raffia and cellophane are so Mexican! Are you sure you are Brasilian? Please make a model keepsake birthday memento shadowbox and share with us all.

    La Lopez: a tristedida is all about YOU, honey, not the person leaving!!!

  10. Laura

    Yes. The tristedida concept applies here. This party is for ME, and the rest of us Lopezes who will be left behind. Christopher is just the excuse. If it were up to him there would be no party. I feel as if I am graduating from high school – it ain´t been easy.

  11. Winnie

    We save used candles because, no matter how much we lick them, there is still a minute amount of THE ICING left clinging to them. (I thought everyone knew that!)

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