Katpat wrote me an email a few weeks ago saying that she thought the friends who were leaving her should throw her a “tristedida” since she is losing so many amigas. So yesterday a small group gathered at Mrs. O’Leary’s for a celebration of food, friendship, and belly laughs. One of Katpat’s favorite things to do is to watch movies, either at home or at the theater. She frequently goes by herself, such is her passion for films. I was inspired by Princess Ai Lin’s secret Monday morning movie club and thought it a good theme for a Tristedida. So yesterday Katpat got to pick the film: Borat. I had seen the film once before but it gets better with each viewing. Irreverant. That’s all I can say. Even Southern Belle was snorting.

But I digress. There were party favors from my present closet. Jody got a pewter bowl that had not seen the light of day for 5 years. It had been stored in my maid’s room by the one-time motorista when I first moved in. (Lots of things got put away by other people when I broke my ankle). Katpat and Heidi, My SIL’s Virtual Twin each received unopened bags of brown sugar. They were thrilled. We all came in our sweatpants and someone came in a pseudo-cashmere babystained robe but I am not naming names.

We started at 9 and ended at 3.

The menu included (not in this order):
eggplant parmeggiana
macaroni & cheese
The Cake
pumpkin ginger soup

The packers come today to start packing the china for China. Housebound, I am going to feast on one last memory of indulgent good times with a superb group of expat princesses. It is packed directly into the suitcase of my heart.



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5 responses to “Tristedida

  1. gamamãe

    For the record, it is cashmere-esque and stains and all, a great provider of comfort!! Not that I really needed it, as it was one of the best , most enjoyable comfort time I´ve had in a while! What an indulgence for the soul. EP Princess, voce é d+!!! I dreamt of cranberry muffins and the ocean spray logo- why is that??
    I´ve already thought another monday movie morning needs to take place towards the end of August! I figured once every other month, we can keep our mom/wife guilt in check as well as plan accordingly. Thank you all, muito, muito, muito!

  2. Margaret

    That’s some high-brow food for a Monday a.m. movie party!!! Where was the popcorn (EPP’S favorite)? The Cheetos? You ladies are too sophisticated for me.

  3. We were missing the popcorn! Can you believe? We had to cut back somewhere. No Cheetos in Brasil, so sorry.

    ‘Brigada, Gamamae! I am sure it was the reason my blood pressure was lower today.

    Note to Winnie: Borat is not for you! Utterly disgusting and beyond politically incorrect.

  4. Southern Belle

    It was such a great morning…why haven’t we been doing this more often? You forgot we had Southern Chicken Salad finger sandwiches and I was the only one not in “sweats”…I wore suede pants and jacket. I will miss you expat princesses terribly!

  5. It is so true that SB elevated the event’s atmosphere! How could I have forgotten those important details??? What southern belle would not know how to make tea sandwiches and wear a coordinating ensemble? She was the beautiful anomaly, for sure. The rest of us reveled in our lowly state … I am banking on SB to keep up the tradition.

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