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Gift giving overseas is always a risky business. The advent of the internet and online shopping, of course, have eased this burden greatly if you are shopping for someone living in the US. A gift recipient living in a foreign country, though, learns not to trust the foreign post, waits until they are incountry to receive a gift, or generally does without, a concept most princesses find abhorrent. Gift certificates and money, which one was taught were a cowardly and lazy form of gift giving, suddenly become appealing and acceptable. Like the art of naming a child, I believe there is an art to giving a gift. It needs to have had some thought put into it.

Today is my MIL Winnie’s birthday. I have done nothing for her besides send her birthday wishes telepathically. It is too early to call as I write this (which I guess counts if she reads it). I am not proud of this fact but she did get her Mother’s Day gift more or less on time so that will have to tide her over until I can find a good gift certificate or present. Likewise the card. For today’s TRISTEDIDA* I baked The Cake with the boiled caramel frosting, our family’s traditional birthday cake and we will eat it in Winnie’s honor.

Last week, however, Mr. Understanding and I bought a house which is a 6 minute walk from Winnie’s and Bop’s. Does this count as a gift? And if so, can we stretch it to cover Father’s Day? The deal is not done yet but I am hopeful. I am calling it My OverPriced Storage Unit/Hotel Room/Investment for College Tuition. One third of our possessions are making their way to the US; the only thing needed is beds. There is a deal on rooms for frequent commenters of this blog.

*Triste (sad)- dida (word ending) = going away party for all the women who will be friendless in a few short weeks. More on this tomorrow.



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9 responses to “Rip & Tear

  1. Mr. Understanding

    Dear EPP,

    I thought I cancelled this blog due to inappropriate content? Oh well, I guess I’ll let it be as it really is a great tension reliever after a long day at work (and more to come tonight).
    Love ya.

  2. MCV

    Comment, comment, comment.

  3. Laura

    Hey MK. Just checking in. I have been super busy and now getting ready to send off child number one to college. We had a fight tonight about whether or not the party we convinced him to let us throw for his high school graduation/19th birthday/getting into college, required my very clever and well-designed invitations, or just word of mouth.

    If I tell you that I took the sample invitation that I had painstakingly worked secretly on all weekend, and scissored it into microscopic pieces, perhaps you can guess who won that battle.

    I have yet to scissor the party, but that is still a possibility. It is currently slated to involve our first-ever event for him and his friends (and their families) CON alcohol, since the drinking age here is 18 and, quite frankly, what the heck? We´re sending him off to college, not a monastery.

    Anyway, I miss you and wish you were closer to share these fun times with in person, but I do enjoy your blog and am actually glad it is you not me going to live in Dim Sum land. I´m pretty content to stay in Latin America, where I can identify most of the food that comes across my plate. Abracoes. ll

  4. La Lopez,
    Next time, frame the invite and entitle it “Invitation Never Sent”. Display for future generations.

    I am not looking forward to the food in Sum Dim Land, that is for sure. No Chilean wine or Argentine/Brazilian beef … woe is me.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Adventures of Teen Parenting. xoxoxo

  5. Winnie, Happy Birthday.Now I have a NEW cell phone. I am sure you got your present for your birthday with the new house. Hurray! The other MIL.

  6. Winnie

    Finally got to the computer after 2 days of intestinal disfortitude and find that you have made THE CAKE. I am delighted that someone(s) somewhere on the planet was (were) enjoying the traditonal overload of sugar and fat. I was dining on jello and tea – hardly a satisfying substitution. Anyway, I have sufficiently recovered enough to be thankful that THE CAKE made its appearance at a significant event. (Is China ready for it???)
    As for presents …”fagedabowdit”! The house is good for birthdays, holidays, and commercially generated family days for quite some time to come. Just use it!
    Radish … are you trying to whup technology in one swell foop?? What’s next?

  7. Laura

    You want more tales from the Adventures of Teen Parenting? Try encouraging your just-17-year-old hormonal daughter to focus on her finals while she juggles youth band, youth group, friends, her new turtle, the German boyfriend and the in-town-for-four-months-with-nothing-particular-to-do ex-beau from South Africa. This is one of the cross-cultural deails expat princesses eventually must deal with. If you find any Chinese convents that accept American Express, please advise.

    (And big abracoes to all the family from us…I know how traumatic moving can be.)

  8. Ai Lin

    Exciting news! I figured out a way to circumvent the Chinse government-blocked wordpress to find my way to expat princess! What a thrill! Feeling very resourceful at the moment – can’t let it get to my head….
    Congrats on the new house! You C-R-A-C-K me up. I need some of your cajones (sp?)
    Good luck with your moves – see you in Chelan!

  9. Ai Lin,
    LOVE IT that you keep trying! Muy bien that you figured out this little trick. You did not comment though on the party inspired by your Tai-Tai (Chinese for expat princess) posse ! Write back, Ai Lin, write back!

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