Pippi Pop Quiz


Sunshine has been dishing out pop quizs on Pippi Longstocking from the back seat of the car lately. She watched the movie with a friend last week and was inspired to read the book. Pippi has long been a fave of mine but since I had not read any of Astrid Lindgren works in say, oh, 30 odd years, I was again struck by the author’s perceptive and creative genius. She covered both Latin America and Asia in two short chapters, capturing the essence of each. Talk about channeling Astrid!

Pop Quiz Questions from chapters 4 & 5 for you (no peeking):

1) What did Pippi throw out of a tree to see how strong it was?
2) what do teachers in Argentina do?
3) what did Hai Shang name his son?
4) What did Hai Shang try to get his child to eat?

When Sunshine is finished with the book I am reading it next. I need a good laugh.



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2 responses to “Pippi Pop Quiz

  1. Were you Pippi Longsockings for Halloween?

  2. expatprincess

    Yes! Are you not taking the quiz?

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