I am talking about my hair, not about my cultural/philosophical/political heritage.

Angel commented the other day that my roots were showing. You would have thought I was wearing a see-through blouse, so evident was her disdain. She is, in fact, correct but I am trying to wait until the last minute before leaving Brazil to be “Vagnerized”.

Vagner is my heterosexual hairdresser whom I share with Mr. Understanding. He is a hottie, although after Katpat saw him run across the street she says something inside her died, his running was not masculine enough for her. BananaJo claims he gave her the once over at the swimming pool after a water aerobics session and was secretly thrilled. By Brazilian standards, he is expensive. He has a big tattoo of a puma on his right upper arm, has two children (different wives), and is a Leo. I have cheated on him twice when I thought his receptionist was skimming and came skulking back like a dog, mainly because the receptionist cheated on him and left for another salon, he makes my hair blonde again in just the way I like, and has never given me a bad haircut. He welcomes me each and every visit with a hug and a kiss. Even Mr. Understanding approves.

This is the dilemma: If I highlight my hair now, it will be yicky when I get to China and who knows how long it will take me to find a hairdresser there. Somehow, going to the hairdresser’s in China in the first two weeks of our new assignment seems like a bad idea. Lord knows I am not brave enough to go to my sisters’ flame-throwin’ stylist. Besides, I am spending all my $$$ on art and real estate these days and do not have enough left over for untested beauticians in the 425 area code.

On the other hand, if I gut out the next 2 weeks, my roots worsening daily, I risk Angel’s wrath, or at the very least, the withering glances of my thirteen year old. This is a difficult decision, perhaps fraught with unintended consequences. I am open to suggestions. But I am leaning towards ugliness and tough love.



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11 responses to “Roots

  1. MCS

    Definitely wait until the last minute – YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. MCS

    Wait it out baby – I know you can do it! Getting your hair colored in China though should make for a great blog post when you are ready. Yikes.

  3. Angela

    Wait and tough it out, you’ll be happier in the long run! I can totally understand your dilemma since I am also waiting to do my overdue highlights until right before my beach vacation. Oh yeah, and speaking of Vagner, I still have a book that he gave me (a romance tale in portuguese), hmm.. or should I say Umm!

  4. Heidi, a fellow blonde

    I say get the roots done now, because I agree with Angel. There is nothing worse than a woman who does not keep up with her hair. When you get to the 425 area I have a colorist who will do a great job. It is a win-win situation!

  5. MCS

    This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to post– my comments repeatedly are failing to appear. Are you blocking me, my love?

    In any event, my vote is to wait. If you were in the “425” with roots, that would be one thing. But since you are not remotely in the 425 (yet), and you’re busy packing from the confines of your home, who’s to really offend with your roots right now? Suck it up and wait.

  6. leezer

    Oh phooey! Get the roots done now! Grow-out happens fast! You’ll be able to find a new stylist in Shanghai soon, and you don’t want to look like a ho while you wait!

  7. klab

    NOW — because we’re all about immediate satisfaction and you don’t want all those Brazil-go-away-party-photos to showcase roots. You’ll regret it in the long run. AND it will make for a killer blog when you do arrive in the 425 or China and find yourself desperate. (btw: there are some great colorists in the 206 who do not light you on fire)

  8. OK, OK, have made an urgent plea to have the roots taken care of tomorrow afternoon. I am counting on the 206/425 girls to get me hooked up. But I agree, in principle, with Angela and I too would not have my hair done before a beach vacation.

  9. Winnie

    How ’bout a wig???

  10. Note: MCS posted 3x. Her comments were listed as spam. I accidentally deleted the best one.

  11. gamamãe

    Get the pro you know( now that´s a slogan!) There are new people at my regular salao and the two people I trust with the color are ” booked ” when I need them. The receptionist keeps pushing the unknown persons and doesn´t get the concept of the stylist/follower relationship. In a pinch I tried dyi haircoloring. I now will await untill needed a time with the pro who knows to fix my tri-colored locks. Get Wagnerized once more for , just for the heck of it and get hooked up with a pro highly recommended by one of your pals up north. Do this right before China, and then make that one of your priorities when finding service professionals. Pode ser??

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