Crying Jag

It’s finally arrived – the start of my 3 month long crying jag. Good thing the sun is out and I can wear my Louis Vuitton sunglasses to cover up my puffy eyes. It started a few days ago learning about the death of our dear friend and neighbor from our Florida days, Bill, and continued right through Sunshine’s 3rd grade country presentation on the United States today. She doesn’t know the name of the National Anthem but she can sing it. Ana Maria made chocolate chip cookies just the way I like them and we delivered a batch to the guards; I would rather have her use up the chips making cookies for people than give them away, her cookies are so good. On the way up to the portaria I dropped off some cookies to Adinilton, the palmeira, who was cutting the mansion’s hedge. He says the palm trees are doing well. Pimentel, one of my favorite guards, bought my daughter’s keyboard for a song; he says he is going to pay me next week, but really, I am just giving it to him because he always is so sweet to me. Who says you can’t buy love?



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4 responses to “Crying Jag

  1. Hi Expat:
    I’m sorry you’re blue. Or pink and puffy. I’m not sure. I get these crying spells that last days from time to time. It’s understandable.

    Look ahead! Soon it will be July and you’ll be here!!!!

  2. MCV

    Did my favorite guard, Agilson, get some of the cookies too? Understandably you’re crying . . . who would want to leave the looks of that man?

  3. MCV:
    I cannot believe you wrote that, on your husband’s birthday no less!

    Leezer & MCV: Pimentel brought me chocolates so I’m all better now. His 16 y.o. son loved the keyboard.

  4. I m also sorry you are weepy. But I do think it is understandable and there is nothing “wrong” with you. Leaving there, packing up, saying goodbye that is the S . When you go to China, take some magazines and go to bed for two months. You have done a wonderful job and deserve some down time. Mother

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