Spa Date – His-N-Hers Part II

My mother, Radish, wrote on her blog today about the importance of date nights for married couples. This sound advice, conjured up with the help of a few Manhattans and her friend Ellen, while not original, bears repeating.* Will she and Ellen have more nuggets for us after martinis tonight?

Mr. Understanding and I had his-n-hers massages today at the local shopping mall spa to work out the kinks in our necks and marriage before Hell Month starts. By male standards, it was the perfect date: being massaged by a woman in your wife’s presence sans jealousy; uninterrupted quality time for the wife; no talking permitted; both parties leave happy and relaxed. Does it get any better than this? For the female, only if there is a diamond thrown in.

* got to for full text.



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6 responses to “Spa Date – His-N-Hers Part II

  1. Expat:
    I doubt I could keep my mouth shut during a his-n-hers massage. I’d be all, “right after we’re done we’ve got to pick up milk.” or “did you send in the car payment?” etc. Kudos to you for keeping your marriage a priority. It’s not easy with kid(s).

  2. gamamãe

    Good for you two! Perhaps for you, you could have a handsome young man feeding you popcorn – sans jealousy from your husband.

  3. Mr. Understanding

    I love my wife’s creativity. This was a good one! She has earned another shopping spree in Brazil. Enjoy, my love.

  4. I have to earn shopping sprees? I thought I was entitled to them!

  5. Towering Grump

    I fully agree with the sage from Mexico. Winnie and I have frequently commented in the last year about how truly beautiful Angel has become. I would add that the inner beauty has always been there. If all the stuff on the blog is as good as this, I will reliquish one of my three newspaper subscriptions and become a regular reader.

  6. Towering Grump:
    I have been thinking all day about the significance of your blog handle. Please expound and subscribe! You can correct all my grammar.

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