I have arrived. Well, not quite, I have another 10+ hour flight to go but I confess to completely enjoying my last flight in the Club World section of British Airways. Lady T told me about the sleeper seats but I didn’t really get the whole concept until I was lying down in one.

The flight attendant passed out glasses of champagne, in which I did not indulge, and packaged nuts (ok, so they weren’t warmed). I watched the movie The Painted Veil with Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, set in China, just to get me in the mood. I could actually select the movie of my choice. Am looking foward to watching another one on the next flight. I took 2 half sleeping pills so my sleep was not quit optimal. Oh well. I refrained from the in flight duty free (which was AWESOME) – will save it for the last leg.

Heathrow’s shopping is also quite impressive. I strolled through the mini-Harrods and now know where Mr. U and I will be doing some of our Christmas shopping. Now I am off to take a shower and use some of that new moisturizer I bought. My skin is so fatigued. Even BA can’t prevent cellular dehydration.

The only disconcerting moment thus far was when I was told I could only have one carry on. They did not tell me this in Sao Paulo when I boarded with two. Really rather hard to consolidate at the last moment, but I managed. Let’s just hope all those important papers arrive in China … and me along with them.



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11 responses to “La-Ti-Da

  1. Middle Sister

    Sounds devine! I must comment, though, that I’m not all that impressed that you were able to refrain from Duty Free – – you are, after all, the Master Packer of the Universe and you know better than to lug those kind of purchases all over China. The real question will be if there is any extra room in the bags on your way home to shop Duty Free. (And for the record, I’m hoping they’re filled to the gills!) xoxoxo – me

  2. MCV

    Please don’t buy my Christmas presents in Heathrow. I’m hoping for China!! Really classy purse or glasses . . .

  3. Margaret

    P.S. – I REALLY need a brown (light to medium) purse, suitable for spring and fall. This would make a lovely birthday present. 🙂

  4. I got up this AM to see if there was a new message and was disappointed. I have enjoyed this post.

    Will call the kids today.

    We had a nice Cinco de Mayo last night with the two of us. Good tequilla,good tacos, and the Magnificent Seven which was the best the Poppi dop could do for Mexican. \

    I am anxious to hear about food and houses.

  5. MCV

    I never knew we spell Poppy with an “I”.

  6. Poppi Dop

    WE don’t, but SHE does.

  7. gamamãe

    Awesome duty free huh? Will you be taking requests?? Hope you made it there safely and the papers too. Have you started visiting the movie sets/residential compounds yet? Perhaps they have a replica of wisteria lane? Maybe a retro one, that reminds you of Bewitched?? Divirta – se!!

  8. Laura

    So, did you like the Painted Veil?

  9. MCV

    MK, we miss you! Please come out to blog, if only for a short while . . .

  10. Send in your DF requests, Gamamae!

    La Lopez: I did like the Painted Veil, but mostly for the scenery.

    MCV: I am trying baby, I am trying!

  11. Jody

    Loved reading about your trip to China! I want to be going there with you all! We will be moving to Paris, however, where we too will be faced with holes in the ground for toilettes (aka “Turkish Toilettes” in France)! I will be asking you for a DHL shipment over to me of the plastic shoe covers! So clever, minha amiga. See you. Happy Mother’s Day too!

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