4th of July

It seems a bit early to be planning for the 4th of July but Radish likes to get a jump on things. In the nearly 12 years (!) I have lived outside of the United States I have only missed the 4th of July once and that was due to a broken ankle. To me, it is the most important American holiday, even more important than Thanksgiving. My children need to know from whence they came especially since the “American” school which they attend skimps on teaching basic American history and culture.

Every year our family has a family 4th of July party. My parents had some real wing dingers when I was a child. Nowadays, there is no accompanying history lesson but there is time on the beach, pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, beer and other fine beverages, cousins galore, running wild between two houses, and a smattering of fireworks (the really good fireworks are purchased by our more affluent neighbors). This year we will have a baby to bounce on our collective knees. Frequently, KLab and her family join us, although rumor has it they are dumping us for Ai Lin’s in-laws, which is okay because we know we are much more fun and they will return to the fold eventually. Last year, Leezer and her family joined us. She and her parents are invited back, assuming they are not in China picking up a new daughter. We may have a brother-in-law and his wife this year and we will have some out-of-towners, the Ferdnancy Family from our Baltimore days. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year so that is playing havoc with work schedules.

Normally, I am just like Radish and like to plan, plan, plan. This year, though, my head is already chockablock full of plans, lists, and to do items; if I think about it too much just might have a nervous breakdown so am plodding ahead, one day at a time, like an alcoholic would but with not quite the same level of liquid intake. I am not really sure who is coming for the 4th. But I will be there, with my children, God willing. My garage may or may not be stacked with items for an air freight shipment to China. I do not know where people will be sleeping. I do not know who is in charge of the cole slaw and potato salad. I do not know if I will be awake to see all the fireworks. But you can bet I’ll be wearing red, white, and blue and yelling at my kids to play outside. It will be a beautiful day and we will be home.



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7 responses to “4th of July

  1. MCV

    I’ll be there! And I”ll do your coleslaw duty this year if your daughters watch my 11 month old. Looking forward to it!

  2. angela

    I love 4th of July too, I wished I lived on the west coast and we could celebrate it together! Miss you!!!!! P.S. Give a big hug to Sunshine from Morgan.

  3. Smartalec Angela,
    You like the 4th because it is a 3 day party, starting with your birthday on the 2nd, your anniversary on the 3rd, and Independence on the 4th. The blender doesn’t have to stop for a couple of days!

    MCV: have contracted daughters so you can make my coleslaw. Glad you are coming!

  4. I too am pleased that Meredith is coming. But I am getting really worried about beds. And I do not want to break my ankle again. I think I have a recipe for pancakes for 40.

  5. MCV

    Well, I am also agreeable to looking for alternate 4th of July activities if need be . . . perhaps Beautiful Lopez Island might be calling.

  6. Radish: we do not have a full head count yet so do not sweat about the beds.

    MCV: WHAT?

  7. leezer

    Sorry for the delay in commenting! You are one busy gal, I might add. I’ve caught up on all your travels to date, and I hope you have some spare xanax on hand when you need it.

    I hope I will be home for the fourth. I would love to join you and your family again. Let’s hope we can make it, o.k?

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