Yesterday I dropped Missionary Girl off at the bus station to catch the bus to the airport. Two days earlier Lady T left to return to Canada. Both former residents of Brasil, they came for a visit as birthday presents to their nearly 40 year old selves. I was really the one who received the gift of their presence, as it turns out.

We obtained two more plates with Mrs. O’Leary, visited a nearby “alpine” town none of us had ever been to before, and shopped shopped shopped. They slept late in our guest house, a not-so-glorified log cabin, sunbathed, and read trashy American gossip magazines. They were easy to please and I did not have to translate. I roped Missionary Girl into some social work and bible study.

Today I feel like I have a hangover from a very long, very fun party which started around Carnaval. I am down to brass tacks, as they say. But at least now I can sell the beds in the guest house …

*good-bye in Portuguese



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2 responses to “Tchau*

  1. Yes you will need to get to brass tacks. But I am sorry my bed is being sold.

  2. Margaret

    Just had lunch with your other sister and mom (Thai food, if you care). We discussed how from now until fall, things are going to be incredibly stressful for you. This is one of those rare times I’m not envious of you. We’ll pray for your sanity.

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