Argentina del Norte

You might as well call Buzios Argentina del Norte, there are so many Argentines here. Not that I mind, really, I just find this fascinating. There might be more Argies than Brasilieros in this corner of Brazil. This is not something you read about in the guide books. Buzios is a more upscale, better smelling Zihuatanejo, a charming village willl 22 or more beaches to choose from.

Yesterday we went to Geriba beach. We had arranged previously with Adrian, who works the desk at the pousada we are staying in, for surf lessons starting at 10 a.m. in the morning. Adrian gave them a half hour theory class and then went into the waves with him. The bottom is sandy and there are no rocks, the water is warm, the sky was pristine blue. He guaranteed me all would be up on the boards by the end of the lesson.

I watched the kids follow him into the waves, and for a moment, diverted my attention to rearranging all of our goods at the table we had commandeered in the shade. When I looked up, there was Sunshine standing up on a surf board, riding a baby wave into the beach. At first I did not believe it was my child. Buddy eventually stood up and Angel got to her knees by the end of the time in the water. Angel`s height and skinny feet work against her a bit.

A lone Stealth fighter jet cruised the beach twice. I did not know Brazil had Stealths. A woman was selling appliqued t-shirts – she teaches poor women how to sew and they make the shirts as part of their servico social. H. Stern sells them in their artesanato boutiques. I also bought glass jewelry from an Argentine chick walking the beach with her wares.

Then we ate fish at a Thai restaurant and got another plate for our collection. We did not gag. The lengths I will go to, to get a plate …

It was a surreal day.

Happy Belated Birthday to MCV & Raftbuddy!



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13 responses to “Argentina del Norte

  1. Laura

    I can´t even begin to tell my boys that your kids surfed, since they tried daily in Rio and never had any luck for the reasons you already know. I knew we should have gone to Buzios with you…

  2. Laura

    Did you read that the day after we all left Rio the governor asked Lula to send in the troops to keep order. I thought our kids were fairly well behaved while we were there, but I guess the governor disagrees.

  3. expatprincess

    La Lopez (your new name),
    Yes, I have read all sorts of interesting things in the Rio papers that I am going to blog about at some point, along with conversations with taxi drivers which are probably more accurate. The surfing thing was rather a fluke – don´t tell your boys – but we might have to meet up in Buzios. The girls´bum bums are rosy from the sunblock that either doesn´t work or washes off and Angel´s elbows and knees are worse for the wear but even she has stood up. Yesterday we had abacaxi com hortelã sorvete at Mil Frutas. Excellent tout!!

  4. Expat:

    First of all, you remind me of your mother. Sorry! But your thought patterns are decidedly the same. Also, Zihuatanejo is the next place MCS and ma famile will vacation. Are you a bronzed, tan goddess?

  5. expatprincess

    I’ll take that as a compliment! I am as bronzed as I ever get (read: not much) without the fake-n-bake. Off to start the steaming piles of laundry …

  6. Laura Lopez

    Do you have time to meet up in Buzios? Or make a quick trip to Chile? We surf here, but with wetsuits, which eliminates the need for sunblock on the bum bum and no sand is involved inside the suit.

    Did the kids at least like it?

  7. I am in utter shock and disgust that you did not watch me catch my first wave- which, I may add, was in fact on the first day. (A couple, actually.) I am sobbing over the fact that you aren’t able to share in my pure bliss reminiscing over the moment.
    Note to self:
    a tone of sarcasm is quite hard to achieve online.

  8. Laura

    I´m craving the ginger/cinnamon Mil Frutas sorvete. Are you still there and can you get some?

  9. La Lopez:
    We are home now so no more Mil Frutas. Buddy had a tantrum on the 3rd surf day but managed to pull himself out of it. He is like his father in that if he cannot do something perfectly on the third try, he gets incredibly frustrated. This comes from generally having athletic talent at one’s disposal. Also, the fact that Sunshine could be the new Bethany Hamilton was messing with his head.

    I get your sarcasm. Just give me 2 seconds, and I will remember seeing you crouching on your surfboard, riding that wave in, which I did see!

  10. Laura

    I´m going to have to erase your blog completely so that the boys don´t find out that the R kids surfed not one day but THREE. And they probably didn´t have to get up at the crack of dawn to do so.

  11. It was very nice to see a post about me ,I, exactly know who’s the lovely person ,and she’s totally right ,it was good time!

  12. Adrian,
    How did you find us? Do you have a new baby? How’s the surf? Gracias & obrigada for checking in!

  13. Adrian

    Isn’t it funny ? I was surfing the net and i saw your post when i was googleing my self .
    Yes we have a new baby called Nicole, she’s now 4 months old and is gorgeous .
    Surf has beeing grate ,you know ,winter is always the best season for surfing.
    Well ,i wish you all the best !
    Adrian Abate

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