In a display of marital solidarity, the likes of which have not been seen for quite some time, Mr. Understanding and I trucked off to Sao Paulo this week for yet another activity involving needles: his and her colonoscopies. We left the house, with a driver, at 4:00 a.m. After the usual incompetency on behalf of the hospital staff involving the lack of certain papers necessary for proceeding with the internal photography, we were shown to separate quarters. This was a good thing because we were beginning to get on each other’s nerves. We were then each given a viscous pink liquid and two lemony drinks to swallow. I read most of a book while waiting for the medicine to take effect and between trips to the bathroom. The Einstein Hospital is a regular colonoscopy mill – they do 40 per day. Later we were each wheeled into a mini OR. A young anesthesiologist chatted with me, as I laid on my side, waiting for the doctor to come in. Young anesthesiologists make me nervous. I like old ones – greater experience – but whatever. He injected my IV with a miracle juice and I was out in 10 seconds. When I woke up, the whole thing was over. Bada bing, bada boom. It was a long, long day.

I am now going on hiatus as we will be returning to Rio and then the kids and I will be traveling to Buzios for a 5 day frolic on the beach. Happy Easter to all!



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8 responses to “His-n-Hers

  1. Katyess

    Longtime lurker and friend of Leezer’s — as well as having “journeyman credentials” as a colonoscopy patient — I have a question regarding your prep. Did you have any dietary prep the 3 days leading up to your procedure? You just showed up at the hospital and drank the ‘stuff’, hung out and that was it? That would be a great prep. My likey that ‘miracle juice’ injection too — makes the awful prep worth it.

  2. expatprincess

    So pleased to have you posting! Wow! I quit eating at 4:30 p.m. the day before; although I was technically permitted coconut water, strained fruit juice and broth, I didn’t bother.

    OOOh: I forgot! The post should have as a theme song Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. I know how much you like music.

  3. Thank God you are on to another subject even if it is this I refuse a colonosopy as I get so sick reeming myself out before I go. Yours sounds like a picnic.

    Have fun sweetie and Happy Easter.

    Mr. Understanding peace and god speed.

  4. Margaret

    Glad to hear it’s a 5 day frolic and not a 5 day colonic! Have fun!

  5. Expat:
    I hope your butt is healthy. I will probably be needing the colonscopy soon as I am old.

  6. Raftbuddy

    Just had the annual mammogram and pap smear within the last two weeks, so far I have avoided the colonoscopy. Glad to have you be the pioneer and not me!! Did they tatoo a coconut on your butt while they were back there???

  7. Raftbuddy

    Oops, missed a “t” in tattoo, a little too hasty with the “submit button”………..

  8. Susan Carter

    Happy Easter MK and family,

    You’ve got us beat. Dougie and I did dual lasix eye surgery by C. Hartleban. Guess who went first?

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