Sao Paulo Ink

As you many of you know, I am determined to take a piece (or two) of Brazil with me, besides surgical hardware. I have long thought that I need a tattoo to distract from the warpy gashes running on either side of my right ankle. The inner scar, while not visible to passersby, has Frankensteinish cross hatches. The outer scar is just plain ugly, the skin barely stretching over the knob of bone. The thought of needles jabbing scar tissue, however, clutches at my stomach so I have not proceeded with the idea. Until today.

Tattoos are de rigeur here, as I think they are quickly becoming in the US. Even the grandmas in my stretching class have tattoos. Usually, they are butterflies, roses, or stars. Adinilton made such an impression on me last week that I knew in an instant what I had to have covering up my scar: a palm tree.

After convincing Mr. Understanding, who is home from Asia, that I really wanted to do this, we went to the most reputable tattoo parlor in town. Willian (yes, with an “n” not an “m”) drew a palm tree over the scar and then we discussed colors. I watched Willian take the needles out of their steriziled packets and attach them to the machine. Mr. Understanding held my hand as Willian went to work, a bucket nearby in case I needed to heave. When it was over, he handed me 2 pain pills left over from various surgeries and a bottle of water.

It is too soon to tell if I am going to like it but I think it’s the kind of tattoo that will grow on me.



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26 responses to “Sao Paulo Ink

  1. Susan O'Leary

    I have never had a desire to get a tatoo and have passed this on to my children. I have on more than one occassion told them how distasteful I find them. Both of my girls are currently in aggreement but they are only 10 and 12 at this point. I have pointed out how needles and pain are involved . Given that one of my daughters had to have 3 medical proffesionals and her mother hold her down for a shot not so long ago, I have honed in on this aspect of the Tatoo experience. Because as we all know to forbid makes it more attractive later on. Although I do not like the idea of having a Tatoo, I regularily watch Miami Ink, a program about a Tatoo palor in Miami. However…….. like Princess’s spray tanning experience, I have almost changed my mind regarding Tatoo’s. Princesses Tatoo looks great. It is tasteful and is unique in that is a Palm Tree. One of the reasons I love having Princess for a friend is that she is always surprising…. just when you think you really know her. I was suitable surprised. But it looks classy, if there is such a Tatoo. I am only worried when her kids come home with their own matching Tatoos!!!

  2. angela

    Cool!! I totally dig it!

  3. Margaret

    PEOPLE – Get with the program. This clearly is EPP’s be-lated April Fool’s joke. I’m not buying it. Not for a second. Nice try, Sista.

  4. MCV

    Didn’t buy for a second either. If it’s a henna tattoo MK, I hope you don’t have another allergic reaction.

    BTW: This is as bad as Dad and the boat we were all supposed to believe he bought.

  5. I believe you, but think tatoos are stupid and any time I see them on a beautiful girl, I think what a fool. I see nothing attractive. And don’t forget the international date line is west of here.

  6. Angel

    Gracious me, mother. Now you go ahead and advertise. I thought that you just might have the sensibility to keep it to yourself, at least for a while. For all you cynics and non-believers, I can attest that she indeed has been tattooed. Well, at least this expands my own personal margin of error.

  7. Margaret

    Still not buying it. Nice try Angel.

  8. MCV

    That wasn’t Angel, just Princess posing . . . not even in the realm of plausability . . .

  9. Expat:
    I really didn’t know you were kidding, believing that you may truly want to imprint yourself in such a manner. Please clarify whether this is an April Fool’s joke or not.

    Tats and piercings. Don’t get it.

  10. Raftbuddy

    Just back from Spring Break skiing with the family at Whistler, and I check in and find THIS!?! I am with Margaret on this one, just can’t picture it. I guess this is like a cliffhanger and I’ll have to tune in tomorrow………..

  11. angela

    Now that you all have mentioned it, I wouldn’t put it past her to fool us all. The colors do look a little light for a brand new tattoo…

  12. Winnie

    Send both of your parents to their room without their suppers now! (Good thing nobody knows about my little inky Miss Piggy!)

  13. Margaret

    Tell Mr. Understanding that he’s making good progress on Photo Shop, but not good enough to fool me. You can’t out-Cavieziel the original Caviezel-er.

  14. Expat will do anything for readership. Yellow dog journalism. You did not even pick a good one. Colored ones are the worst.

  15. Kim Cushman

    Way to go MaryKatherine!!

    Glad you had a good time with Mom and Doug!

  16. MCV

    Princess, a brand new tattoo also wouldn’t look so good. Usually there are scabs. Tell Mr. Understanding to polish up his PhotoShop skills.

  17. Angel

    Well I’ll say! It seems sympathy and credibility is just out of stock. ” .. . not even in the realm of plausability “, indeed! My, oh my. I would like to inform all the adults who have taken their time and effort to snub me that it in fact was me who:
    a) wrote the earlier post under the alias of Angel; and
    b) I cannot confess to the crime of photoshopping. Though Mr. Understanding is a liable suspect (given his talent for dealing with the modern era, a feat, I might add, others lack to capability to pull off), I do not believe he has come in contact with this program. I am, in fact, quite a novice at photoshop (at least the elements, not CS2). If it so pleases you, I shall slay myself next time for a silly Caveizel. Just to float your boat. In the meanwhile, I must back up my mother on this one. The truth is inevitable. It is not a scam or yellowdog jornalism. That itself wouldn’t be half as interesting. Sorry, ladies.

    Shame. Shame, shame, shame.

    *Indeed, after being covered by a bandage for some time, the tattoo may appear to be a little washed. The tat dude claims this will improve. Let’s just cross our fingers on that one. Regarding the “oh, it’s not scarred” deal- there are many miracle creams these days. However, it was not really swollen or scarred as one might suspect. Try to back up your evidence next time. You may wish to devote yourselves more to researching tattoos instead of searching for alleged “plausability” gaps.

  18. maria

    There are somethings I will never understand…..Why should a simple tatto come to this big dilema.Princess has or not a tatto ???
    I need to say we talked if it would be better having this in colours or “black and white”.She did her mind for a coulored tree and for me;at this moment her legs are simple great .Parabens MK;maybe I will do a star in one of my fingers…..

  19. MCV

    you all are freaks.

  20. DSV

    Randy wrote me that you actually got two tattoes, but would be arrested for posting the photo location of the other. You’re impressive (no pun intended)!

  21. Raftbuddy

    Now maybe if it had a little tatoo of Gilligan sitting under it, I might believe. ; )

  22. expatprincess

    Ja basta! I explained to my mother last night that my children can get tattoos when they are 42, that for me it arose out of a spiritual conversation with Adinilton. She will have to wait and see for herself … I like it and that’s all that matters. Am off to get a bikini wax before I brave the beach at Ipanema – a cakewalk compared to getting a tattoo!

  23. Margaret

    Time will tell, won’t it? But I know I’m right – for one thing, there is white all around the palm leaves that wasn’t photoshopped out. I would believe, however, that Angel did the Photoshopping (as opposed to Mr. U). I think it’s funny that you won’t just give it up now that you’ve been outed . . .

  24. I must say the princess did talk to me last night. And I have to say that she talked passionately ,perhaps with cocktail in hand, about this for so long that she might be right. I do not think even she can invent on the fly for 10 minutes straight. But time will tell. Like Sunshine says, you have to pray for your enemies, but you don’t have to play with them. I can love Princess, but I don’t have to love the damned tatoo.

  25. Mel G.

    Please, mates, my star’s name is “Caviezel”, not the miserable way you have been spelling it. But whatever, it’s nice to know that he has fans.
    BTW, I have been speaking with the father of Princess and he assures me that she certainly has the “machismo” to get a lousy ankle tattoo, nothing compared to a colonoscopy (although I didn’t know they would sedate you for it, which I am sure makes it a walk in the park). So the jury is still out on whether Caviezel is at work in Brazil or not. I guess we’ll have to wait to see in person.

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