8 Pins and a Plate

Another anniversary: 5 years ago I flew through the air and broke my ankle, the repair of which necessitated 8 pins and a plate (technically 7 pins and one big screw, which I have had framed). Airborne, I experienced what I think of as the “collapse of time”; I thought a million thoughts in 3 seconds, most prominently “God is trying to tell me something.” Watching my ankle twist like Linda Blair’s head in The Exorcist, I knew it was broken before I hit the ground. I still do not know the specific message but for sure I wrestled with patience, civility while suffering, and blooming where one is planted. I thank God for the butterflies he sent me everyday to entertain me on my porch next to our beautiful garden, for my parents, my mother especially, for taking care of me for so long, and my family for still loving me after the ordeal. It was a rough ride but I am a more empathetic, dare I say better?, person because of it.

Today Maria and I are celebrating walking by cruising the superfab Daslu store in Sao Paulo, the subject of a future post. I am going to wear high heels as an act of faith. I can’t fit into the clothes but it is fun to watch the rich shop and they have great Havaianas. At 10:33 a.m. I am going to sit down and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and admire my scars. We are meeting Mrs. O’L, her mother Patty P, and sister Molly. Then we are going to Adriana Barra* to look for an outfit for my going away party. My inner hippie child just might emerge after all.

*www.adrianabarra.com.br – one of the best sites ever!



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3 responses to “8 Pins and a Plate

  1. Margaret

    That was indeed a terrible time – I remember well mom’s calls to us reporting on the day to day difficulties and triumphs. Having had my own foot surgery, I winced in pain with every detail. You definitely deserve to celebrate today, although I’m not sure high heels are the way to go. Anyway, I wish I could shop with you to buy a new pair of Havaianas too! Have fun!

  2. maria

    I d´ont remember if you had time to relax at 10:33 but you do had high heels .People in São Paulo are still thinking who is that wonderful american model who was shopping in Jardins last Friday…..

  3. Susan O'Leary

    All I can say is that Daslu never disappoints. The people shopping are as interesting as the store. Always fun to share my shopping experiences with the expat Princess. She is on a first name basis with the sales lady who hugs and kisses the princess (and now me) when we arrive.

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