Mr. Understanding

I met Mr. Understanding twenty years ago today in California. My friend, Pasadena Rose, was home for Spring Break (I’d graduated in December and was living nearby). She, MDO, and I were hanging out at her house on Saturday when her mother came into the kitchen, dumped a few bags of groceries on the counter, and told us we were to entertain a young man she’d invited over, the son of a friend of a friend’s child’s headmaster.* Her mother then left the house.

It was not love at first sight, although I clearly remember watching him drive into my friend’s circular drive in a black and tan Olds Cutlass. He got out of the car wearing funny shoes (“bucks”) and a Members Only jacket. I remember giggling to my friends that he looked sort of normal, if not a bit square, and in retrospect, I know now that he only went out of social obligation, not because he thought it would be fun. A bonus for me, as it turns out.

We entertained Mr. Understanding with hamburgers, a silly game involving spoons at the John Bull Pub on Fair Oaks, and pints of beer. Having experienced a bad boyfriend or two, I perceived that at least Mr. Understanding had manners**. Note to Young Women Everywhere: this is a good starting point. Hopefully, Angel is reading and learning.

Today feels like my anniversary. He is a gem, a keeper, my best friend, handsome, and a wonderful person. Can you tell I miss him? It is also the first day of Spring*** so go buy your man some flowers and tell him how much you love him.

*it’s really even more convoluted than this but you get the idea.
**Good Eastern US parenting.
***Also Benito Juarez Day for Mexicans. Don’t nitpick the day of the solstice, either, if I am wrong.



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14 responses to “Mr. Understanding

  1. MCV

    Mr. Understanding is a GEM!! I love the man myself. He makes me laugh hard and is uber generous with his time, family, and money. I can’t imagine my sister with anyone else.

  2. Margaret

    MCV – Ditto. Except for maybe “The Surfer.” HA!!!!

  3. expatprincess

    Margaret: you are cruel! I’ll get you, my pretty.

    MCV: Thank you. I am sure Mr. U appreciates the sentiments.

  4. Mr. Understanding

    Who is The Surfer?

  5. I am sorry that I did not answer yesterday. As Mr. Understanding is my S-I-L. I should have noted. Your piece reminded me so much of him. I still remember walking the beach with him in his suit in Santa Barbara the first time we met on Easter Sunday. He was pretty cute.

    Kisses to you Mr. Understanding. I could write about this. The First Time I Met My Sons in Law. . . . I remember this well.

    PS. Your Dad tried to call in remembering.

  6. MCV

    Mr. Understanding–Who is the surfer? Glad to know the exorcism worked!!

  7. Margaret

    Hooray – The exorcism worked indeed! Mr. Understanding REALLY IS Mr. Understanding! And charming too. 🙂

  8. Winnie

    Are we talking about my firstborn? He was truly the most beautiful kid in the nursery and people kept wanting to pull his eyelashes to see if they were real. I’m kind of thinking we missed the boat in not naming him Understanding on the spot, but how were we to know? He is a treasure to be sure, and thank God he picked the right princess to marry!

  9. Raftbuddy

    The first time I met Mr. Understanding I believe was in a So. Cal Mexican Restaurant- and I remember thinking that this was going to be “the one” for Expat. My funniest memory about him is that I remember that when Expat was at Law School she was not supposed to call him during a certain television show. For some reason, I think it was Star Trek- can that be RIGHT?? What was it, Expat? My mind is a sieve about some of the little details during law school since I often read entire text books in a matter of days after delaying an entire semester, and I think my brain got fried for periods of time!!

  10. expatprincess

    Ironically, Raftbuddy, I think it was LA Law. For sure, it was not Star Trek. Mr. U still loves the telly. I think he used to watch the TV show with a group of Spaniards in Monterey but can’t remember either. Likewise, I do not remember the Mexican restaurant.

    Winnie: his eyelashes are beautiful, aren’t they? Your son has done our US taxes today and has been rechristened Mr. Cranky. Still love him though, especially because he had to do the hideous chore and not me!

  11. Angel

    Mother- read and learned.

  12. maria

    What could I say abouy Mr. U ….beautiful smile;incredible samba dancer,good friend.
    And also the only american who calls in a celular phone during a rock concert screaming “VAMOS ANIMAR”

  13. Winnie

    I just did the taxes and I bet I bested my son in crankyness, but now I’m ever so relieved and somewhat lovelable again. Take heart – Understanding will return.

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