The Migraine, the Plastic Surgeon and the Mini-Mart

I ran into my plastic surgeon last night at the mini-mart. Just out of the pool, I had my hair up in a bedraggled half pony tail, chlorinated eyes, and was wearing my pink muu muu. We both kind of looked at each other as we entered the store. As a renowned cosmetic surgeon, I am sure he tries to remember a face by the type of surgery he has performed. In my neighborhood, this could be exhausting. “Ah, yes, the lady purchasing milk. I gave her a C cup last year.” “Nice looking nose, I did a good job there.” “Tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift in the bakery.” “Chin implant and face lift by the frozen vegetables.” This is probably why he was in the mini-mart late on a Sunday night – less traffic.

I said hello first and chattered inanely. Dr. C is a charming older man and an impeccable dresser. Last night I discovered he had skinny legs. I told him we were moving to China and he said, “You Americans always have a sense of adventure!” I only shopped for healthy things until he left the store. Like crow, Katpat.

We did not eat the fatted calf after yesterday’s sermon because Angel got a migraine on the way to the restaurant. We went in anyway because she did not like the movement of the car. Buddy, Sunshine and our guests had drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the lounge part of Montana Grill while Angel and I sat in the grass outside, Angel hunched over in a ball until eventually she puked. We plied her with some Coke so she would have something to throw up. Susie Q and Sunshine ferried water and drinks back and forth, Buddy paid the bill, and the Rev. prayed for us all. I pulled the van up onto the paved mall entrance walk way next to the Puking Palm and we loaded her up. She went to bed for the rest of the afternoon. Angel is much better now but staying home from school; she is a tough nut and a good patient. We’ll try for a Montana Grill do over tonight. We were so lucky there were friends to help!

In the meantime, I would appreciate it if migraine sufferers would write in with their thoughts and suggestions. I was too stupid to ask Dr. C if he knew a good neurologist.



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5 responses to “The Migraine, the Plastic Surgeon and the Mini-Mart

  1. I think these headaches are hormonal. I was prone to them in puberty, premenstral, and menapause. They are truly debillitating. I think there are no quick fixes. I would need to go to the doctor to get a shot that would help me sleep it off> Does she get an aura?

    I would like to think that science has helped this condition in the last 50 years. I think angel’s aunt may be starting to suffer from these. Tell Angel that the Radish understands.

  2. Raftbuddy

    I am no help with the migraines but enjoyed the vision of you in a muumuu in the minimart! Sounds like an episode of “Desperate Brazilian Housewives”!!

  3. Heidi

    As one who suffers from migraines (had one on Thursday) and has a mother who has them severely, my heart goes out to Angel. Ususally the Dr.’s do not prescribe meds until you start getting them more than once a week. I have found that immediately taking 3 Ibuprofen and lying down in a dark, quiet room helps quite a bit. I have had migraines since I was in elementary school. They got worse during puberty. Now I tend to get them when I am dehydrated. It is important to drink lots of water when you have a migraine.

  4. Margaret

    M-K – I had a very bad one several months ago and when I went to my OB/GYN she said it was very likely menstraul related, given the timing. (Sorry boys, but she’s my goddaughter and so we’re going to talk about periods here.) Anyway, she said if that were the case, there were things they could do, including putting you on a certain pill so that you didn’t get your period (or at least as often). This is my recollection anyway. She also said that her husband suffers from severe migraines and the one thing that works well is that when he first feels the hint of a migrane, he takes 2 Extra Strength Excederins with a full can of Coke. She said to use regular Coke, not diet, because the sugar in the Coke is what helps deliver the migraine pills fast into the system. Drink the entire Coke. She also said it won’t work if you wait until the migraine is bad – you must do it when you first feel it coming on. I have since tried this when I felt one come on recently and it did in fact lessen the effects to a point that I could still function. Tell Angel I’m so sorry for her – I definitely can feel her pain. 😦

  5. Zhou Ai Lin

    I am LOVING being able to read you website while whiling away the hours while in FREE Mongolia with Radio Free America in the background!

    I’m worried your not going to like living in China. We don’t do fun things like invite people over for a big party when we leave, and there is definitely not a lot of Samba opportunities. Uh-oh!

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