St. Paddy and the Invention Convention

The third world server ate my post today. I do not have the heart to write it all over again but here are the highlights from Buddy’s 5th grade Invention Convention on Friday:

1) a hamster wheel that lights up when the hamster is working out so that the hamster won’t be afraid of the dark.

2) dress pads make of female sanitary napkins. Buddy thought they were disposable diapers. This was heartening.

3) a fan with an attachment to dry socks.

4) a “Dad Belt” with a beer can holder, cell phone, forks and knives, remote control, and deoderant. I thought it could only be improved with a slot for a magazine and an extra roll of t.p.

Buddy‘s invention was a “topper popper”, a device used to remove the thick plastic seal covering the mouth of a jug of drinking water. He is thinking of patenting this device because so many people wanted to buy it. It is only for use in third world countries where water is not potable. We are bringing it with us to China. His featured inventor was Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod which was created (?) on my 40th birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

Salutations to all the partiers of Irish descent in the 425 area code. We are wearing our green here in Brazil, even though no one knows about St. Paddy. We know it will be a rockin’ good time. Put on the Tenors and sing Danny Boy for me. This is one party I am sad to miss, the downside of being an expat princess. We are going to Braz for pizza and caipiroskas (the lime is green) with the Rev. and his lovely wife. Erin Go Bragh!



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6 responses to “St. Paddy and the Invention Convention

  1. Raftbuddy

    Happy belated St. Paddy’s! This is the first year in 9 years that my oldest has not been Irish dancing her feet off on St. Patrick’s Day. Her entry into high school and the activities that she is doing there made the Irish Dancing hard to keep up with. I think I missed it more than she did- the caravan of moms and dancers, with blister packs, etc., watching the same peformance in different venues 8-10 times in one day. It sounds horrible and we complained a lot, but secretly we moms loved it!

    How does Buddy’s invention work to pop the top off or is that secret while the patent is pending?!?! Very nifty!!

  2. expatprincess

    It involves a lever but that’s all I am saying! Maybe KLH will perform for us this summer? Irish Mike, especially, would love it. We need to get the date in ink if you are serious!

  3. Heidi

    I had the privilege of being invited to the 425 St. Patrick’s Day party due to the unfortunate absence of Mr. and Mrs. Radish. The food was great!! We played a game that was definitely a marriage tester. Highly amusing. You would have enjoyed it! Especially the sparkley green hats.

  4. Margaret


  5. Margaret

    Heidi is correct – it was a marriage tester, but lots of fun. The Matthews were great stand-ins for The Radishes and tolerated, with what seemed to be some level of amusement, our teasing, bickering and Irish boozing. If they haven’t put up a For Sale sign yet, we’ll include them again.

  6. Eamon de Valera

    Heidi, there is no such being as “Mr. Radish”.

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