Purge Redux – Dedicated to Raftbuddy

Yesterday I found the following items in boxes which were stored in my sauna:

1) invitation to Raftbuddy’s wedding and, in a separate box, her wedding announcement in the newspaper. The wedding was held June 3, 1989. She is still (happily) married to Mr. Bootstraps.

2) law school directory from 1989. Raftbuddy was a 3rd year and I was a first year student. Had totally forgotten about the boyfriend she started her law school career with – he later earned a special name which is similar to, but not quite like, Dirtbag.

3) a photo of me and Raftbuddy in a sorority frame, circa 1985; frame was pitched, photo was not. The photo was taken when Raftbuddy visited me at our home in Northern California, on her way from Oregon to the Bay Area. Raftbuddy got two speeding tickets that trip, one in each state. She earned her blog handle on the Trinity River. Raftbuddy’s mother, also from the same sorority and an elder advisor, had been the one to convince me to stay in the house; maybe she knew her daughter was showing up soon to save me?

Raftbuddy is not an expat princess but she is a princess of sorts: a former cheerleader, University student body president, lawyer; currently mother of three charming and well-behaved children, wife of a really nice man, and doyenne of Lake Oswego, a role she inherited from her grandmother Besta. She comes from a long line of strong women with genius IQs.

I rarely get the chance to visit with Raftbuddy but am hoping she is serious about getting a visa to China. We ate Chinese food on her 19th birthday – her grandmother’s treat – we were both penniless. This time, though, I’d be buying.



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8 responses to “Purge Redux – Dedicated to Raftbuddy

  1. MCV

    2 things popped into my head while reading this blog:

    1.) you have a sauna??? Where? I was at your house for 2 weeks and didn’t hear anything about it or see anything that remotely resembled a sauna.

    2.) Didn’t raft buddy also go to the Humboldt County Fair with us on said trip to No. California? Either way, she got her fair share of Humboldt County on the raft trip.

  2. expatprincess

    That rings a bell. Raftbuddy certainly enjoyed (?) a Northern California experience.

    Yes, I have a sauna which I use as overflow storage. It is near the guesthouse (prefab, readers, prefab). Brazilians seem to like saunas. Many houses have them. We have used ours once in five years. Currently the heat is so bad even the Paulistanos are complaining so why one would go looking for more heat is beyond me.

  3. leezer

    It must be both unnerving and a blessing at the same time to have two sisters to reminisce with. I have my mom, who seems to remember more about my social life than I do, which I find rather disturbing. And she doesn’t give me crap about it either, like sisters do. It’s all observation and scientific, like, “Lisa, do you remember that boy who wouldn’t take off his sunglasses in the house? Did he have a narcisistic complex?”

    Anyway, I know this post wasn’t about sisters, but MCV’s response hit me where I live. SIsters.

  4. expatprincess

    Leezer, you are right. MCV and MCS remember, sometimes, totally different things from me. I usually attribute this to having different perspectives due to the age difference and not an Alzheimer’s moment. My memory is pretty good but when I draw a blank I get slightly concerned, as I did with writing on the back of the plates. Maria filled in the blanks on one of the plates for me – you have got to take your sisters where you find them, an essential element of the itinerant expat princess lifestyle.

  5. You have four count them four commentors, now get on with writing and then go clean the sauna, or scr– the sauna and then get on with writing.

  6. Raftbuddy

    I have been busy all week with kid activities and houseguests, so tonight when everyone hit the hay I had to chill out and check in with my good pal expatprincess. Imagine my delight and surprise to read about this now-ancient history!! What good memories (okay, maybe not the two speeding tickets)!!

    I was so sad when Expat left me behind to go south to finish college, leaving me without my best buddy. The visit of the “rafting” incident was a highlight in our continuing friendship since then! I do not remember attending a Humbolt County Fair, but that is possible we had some fun outings! The next time I returned to the Bohemian paradise was for the wedding of Expat and I was pregnant with my first.

    I was prompted to take a walk down memory lane myself and found my favorite photo of us- I had gone down south to cheer for a football game and am in my uniform, and Expat is wearing Hawaiian shorts. We are on the football field of her college looking thin (and Expat looking very tan- not the spray kind!), arms around each other, both making peace signs! In my mind (and if I don’t look at current photos of myself), I still think we look like that, so no one tell me otherwise!!

    I am hoping that I may actually get to see Expat if she makes it to the homeland this summer. It will be a priority- and I will definately come to China. She is unique, remarkable, witty, smart, and a blast to be around as you all know! I only wish I could be around her MORE!!!!!!!! Geography can be a bummer!

  7. Raftbuddy

    Oh, and one more thing. Dirtbag (which is putting it nicely) now lives barely a mile from me with the woman he cheated on me with- she was 17 and in high school and he was a 26 year old coaching her high school soccer team at the time-really GREAT guy. Our daughters played each other in basketball this year. I still want to vomit when I see him. Luckily I don’t run into him more than a couple times a year.

  8. expatprincess

    You get the prize for having the ickiest ex-boyfriend. I hope KLH’s team won! The photo I found was the same one. Ah, to have thin thighs again. In fact, the thought had occurred to me to have said thighs hoovered out before leaving Brazil, one last parting gift to myself, but I don’t know when I would fit it in… I am impressed you were able to locate the photo – that shows impressive organization skills! It is currently storming this morning so am just waiting for the electricity and the internet to go out again ….

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