Tom Brady’s Pretty Pickle

According to my spiritual gifts assessment, I am not a prophet. But the universe sometimes makes me think otherwise. The wires are alive with the news that La Bundchen may be preggers herself. My 13 year old tells me, however, that Gisele’s family is denying the report. Feijoada, anyone?



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7 responses to “Tom Brady’s Pretty Pickle

  1. MCV

    Not liking the new format . . .

  2. Yes, I have a blog problem which shows up on only one of my computers. Will try to reconfigure tomorrow. Have no idea what happened. I thought, however, that you had something salient to say about TB’s pretty pickle.

  3. Raftbuddy

    I figure he will reap what he sows………

  4. Mr. Understanding

    Dear Expatprincess,
    I am happy to confirm that the Chinese government has not blocked your blog as I was able to access it today from the hotel. Looking forward to hearing more about your spending reduction program.

  5. Mr. understanding, Welcome aboard. I need your email so I can actually write to you. Hope you are well. How is stir fry?

  6. Am hoping the format is only wonky on my computer. Please advise, readers. The American press has picked up on this story. I am guessing that Baby’s First Christmas x2 might be rather complicated for Mr. Brady who apparently tried to pluck a page from Pele’s and Tom Cruise’s respective playbooks vis a vis Ms. Moynahan: “not my baby.” So not cool. Will he own up to La Bundchen’s?

    Maybe the post should have been titled “Der Wienerschnitzel Makes a Come Back in Boston”? Gisele does like her sauerkraut and sausages. Add a side of pickles for baby.

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