Tom Brady Won’t Like Feijoada

Let’s take a poll: should Tom Brady get back together with Bridget Moynahan or stay the course with Miss Bunchen? According to the Brasilian press, it’s tudo de bom with Gisele that Tom’s ex-girlfriend is preggers with his child. A minor monkey wrench in a fledgling romance.

Even though Gisele claims she eats meat at every meal, Tom is not going to like feijoada, the Brazilian stew made of beans, bacon grease, and various and sundry pig parts. But dessert should be pretty good.



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9 responses to “Tom Brady Won’t Like Feijoada

  1. all the women of the world was enchanted with Tom Brady with but desire a model porno… you imagine to her fame? handsome walks with golden boy super

  2. Morena,
    You are new to the site. I am assuming that your computer froze up so I condensed your 3 comments into one. Are you Brazilian?

  3. Margaret

    I care not a wit who he is with – both appear to be bimbos.

  4. MCV

    MK, GREAT title to the post! Well, I’m just patting myself on the back there as it came out of a conversation I had with Expat Princess yesterday when she said “Tom won’t like feijoada” in response to my question if she thought Tom and Giselle would stay together.

    Expat–please decipher the first comment. Even though you “condensed” it, I’m not getting it.

  5. Mike Holmgren

    Are you talking about the Tom Brady who is QB for the Patriots? I’m trying to get him for the Seahawks. Should I know something about his women?

  6. gamamãe

    is it in fact Toms baby???

  7. expatprincess

    Who knows if she is actually preggers? That is just the Brollywood rumor mill. Time will tell!

  8. I am for Peyton Manning.

  9. maria

    I disagree with Morena…..I don’t care about Tom at all so not every woman in the world dreams about this man….
    And Gisele could be anything but porno model;I think she will give some “finesse” to his life if she decides to go on this relationship.
    By the way, she probably won´t eat feijoada,this brazilian food is not very common in south of Brasil were Gisele cames from….

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