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This post will be short since I am experiencing Carnaval letdown, single parenting, and Lenten remorse. Lest you think I am complaining, I am not; I am just uninspired and overwhelmed about the next six months. KT left Brazil for good on Saturday and now I have no one with whom to discuss the Scooter Libby verdict and the Selma, Alabama soundbites (ok, that is a complaint). Is it just me, or was the political pandering obscene?

In an attempt to get out of my funk, I have helped Mrs. O’Leary spend gobs of $$$ at the frame store. Spending other people’s money is more fun than spending your own sometimes. She says I make her spend the most money of all her friends (I would say the same of her). I am not so sure this is a compliment, hence the Lenten remorse. To my way of thinking, I am just getting those lovely French engravings of hers out of the manila folder they have been carted around in for the past 8 years into some appropriate frames and up onto the walls. Framing prices in the United States are exorbitant so really, this is saving money in the long run. I like to look at the big picture.

Mr. Understanding is in Taipei, eating jelly fish and other delicacies as he meets his new team. Good thing he can’t read the blog and find out about my Lenten remorse!

Finally, Happy Birthday to my Aunt Kathy who is now officially on the government’s Medicare roll!



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5 responses to “Blah Blah Blog

  1. leezer

    I applaud you for being entertained by spending other peoples money. It wouldn’t work for me. I would be competitive about spending my own and I’d get myself involved in a shameful “spend-off.” Rest. rest.

  2. Yes we do know it is aunt Kathy’s Birthday, although I forgot the medicare part.

    I do read your blog.

    I can understand your having a let down. Personally I do not think of it as Lenten remorse, for you I think of it as a period of readjustment to your new role as chief cook, bottle washer, with out the fun of your husband.

  3. Mr. Understanding

    Success! I was able to access today from the office. I was therefore quite shocked to read of the unrestrained spending in my absence. Lets discuss!

  4. gamamãe

    BUSTED by Mr. Understanding – NOSSA! No discussion – it was somebody elses cash. Have another jellyfish, look into the symbology of traditional fan dance and everyone work on the remorse part – lenten or not, it´s not good to carry around.

  5. expatprincess

    Well, there was some of ours too. I just filed it under the “projects” category, sort of like the deck we are having built on our house in WA. Maybe I should have used the word “reflection”. xoxoxo c’est moi.

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